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NEW Simple As That Sunscreen for Delicate Skin & Children

For anyone who knows me and has followed my journey over the years, you will know that I have a lot of sensitivities that other people don't have. Because of this, there are many products in the store that I can't use myself, from a large number of products containing essential oils, to stainless steel water bottles (I have a very uncommon sensitivity to the taste of nickel) and beyond, one product that also plagued me for years was sunscreen. As a young adult, I developed a terrible heat rash from a chemical based sunscreen. Switching to a natural mineral sunscreen based on zinc was a lot better, but I always found them very drying on the skin. UNTIL I FOUND SIMPLE AS THAT SUNSCREEN

The original formula (with the red writing) has been around for a couple of seasons now and it's the first natural sunscreen I ever stood up and raved about. It doesn't feel like you're wearing sunscreen, and it has an incredibly mild smell and it didn't irritate my skin. At the end of the day, I still find it best to use an exfoliating mitt and some coconut oil to remove it, but it doesn't cake on like other brands I have used.

I also tested this original formula with people who needed to only use vegan sunscreen and hadn't been able to find a natural one they were happy with and also with people who had children who have had allergic reactions to almost every other natural sunscreen on the market. This one passed with flying colours.



Released just this week, a second formula has been created with a couple of formulation tweaks for children, so this is now my top recommendation for people who want a safe baby sunscreen in Australia. A couple of ingredients that could potentially cause a sensitivity in a baby with delicate skin have been removed from the original formula and replaced with chamomile flower oil and cucumber extract, both which a soothing for the skin. This sunscreen has a hint of an aroma of the chamomile essential oil as you apply it.


Simple As That is formulated by Danielle Glover, a trained pharmacist with extensive experience in creating natural skin care products as well as this sunscreen. She recommends that babies should be sheltered from the sun as much as possible. When this isn't possible, they should be protected. This has been formulated to be safe enough to use on their delicate and sensitive skin and for anyone older who has sensitivity issues. Please, ALWAYS do a patch test first, if possible, on multiple days on the same spot to ensure no reactions occur. We recommend this for ALL natural baby skin & body care products.


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