New Season Project Ten bags arrive

Super fun and functional, the bags from Project Ten are a lot sturdier and long wearing than their price tags may suggest. These season we have 2 different shaped insulated lunch bags, a regular shopping bag and an insulated shopping bag, all available in a variety of designs. Here's a run down on each one and what they're used for.

Project Ten Insulated Lunch Bags - 2 Ways

This is one of last season's designs with a 30cm ruler. This is the original shape and design and it fits the following lunch boxes inside it. It's a very versatile shape, longer than most other bags in stores. We have a list plus a short video showing photos of all the lunch boxes next to the bag so you can also visualise how much room you're going to have left in the bag for other things.

    fits – The Everyday / Double Stacker / Hungry Max
    fits – Snack Boxes
    fits – 970ml Rectangular / 1730ml Rectangular / anything smaller than these two
    fits – the medium size only
  • GREEN ESSENTIALS – ALL except the Round Double and Round Triple
    fits – Sustain-A-Bento / Tuck-A-Stacker / Sustain-A-Stacker / Munch Pot / Round Bento in the Mini Duo only
    fits – Classic 600ml / Bento 960ml / Clicks in 750ml, 1 litre and 1.5 litre / Deep Duo
    fits - Bento Box
    fits - Bento Box
    fits – To-Go Medium / To-Go Large

For the Summer 2019 season, there's also a second shape in the range. Not just for lunches, these insulated cooler bags now come in a second option that's around the size of a '6 pack' of stubbies. The volume is similar, just the shape is different.

Project Ten Shopping Bags - 2 Ways

LEFT we have their standard grocery shopping bag that's similar in size and design to the 'cube' bags you get from the supermarket. Here's where they differ though. The fabric is way tougher. They're made out of woven polypropylene plastic and will last you for years. The handles are thick and strong cotton webbing and are stitched on to last.

RIGHT we have their insulated grocery shopping bag. It's around the same sizes as the supermarket bags, and again, like the grocery bag, made from much stronger materials with a sturdier handle that's stitched on better to really last.

If you have ever been to Ikea and seen the yellow bags and the torture they are put through and are still totally fine, that's what these bags are like, both in durability and the type of fabric they use.

Both of these bags make great beach bags as well.

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