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New premium food container set from Glasslock

Today saw the introduction of a new set of glass containers from our favourite brand in this genre, Glasslock. The 9 piece premium set is a little different than the existing containers in our store, so we'll give you a brief understanding of what's different.

  1. Like our 7 piece rimless set, the new Premium 9 piece set has rimless containers. This means when you're using them to serve food on the table, they look more like a serving bowl than a container that belongs in the fridge.
  2. The lids are made from a clear bpa free plastic and not the cloudy polypropylene. They are far less likely to retain smells from food that's stored in the containers.
  3. The lids have much larger clips and are easier to open for people who have trouble using their hands. While the regular containers are fine, those who are frail or who have weak hands or arthritis may find an issue opening the regular containers. The giant coloured clips on the premium containers are far easier to grip and less pressure to open up.

The set contains 9 glass containers that are oven safe (the lids are not) in the following sizes.

  • 1 x 160ml Square Container - 81 x 81 x 52mm high
  • 2 x 440ml Square Containers - 109 x 109 x 60mm high
  • 2 x 395ml Rectangular Containers - 142 x 93 x 47mm high
  • 1 x 1 litre Rectangular Container - 172 x 125 x 72mm high
  • 2 x 1.1 litre Square Containers - 153 x 153 x 72mm high
  • 1 x 1.8 litre Rectangular Container - 205 x 142 x 91mm high


The 1 litre regular container makes a great lunch box for an adult to take to work and be able to pop in the microwave at lunch time. Glass lunch boxes are great for adults, but not suitable for children. It's the one with the red clips in the photograph above. If you're carrying dips or sauces or sides, the smallest square container can be popped inside as a bento box type configuration or the two can be placed in to your favourite insulated lunch bag together. It's a good idea to bear in mind that if you're using a glass food container as a lunch box, while it might be a great choice for an adult, not always a good option for your kids. For that, we suggest you take a look through our stainless steel lunch box category as they are more lightweight and not as easily broken.


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