NEW! Polishing Tooth Powder from My Magic Mud

Introducing the new Polishing Tooth Powder from My Magic Mud new to store this month.

My Magic Mud® Turmeric & Cacao Tooth Powder for Polishing is a natural oral care remedy that cleans, polishes, and whitens your teeth. It features certified organic turmeric, certified organic cacao, and bentonite clay and is available in Spearmint and Peppermint flavours.

My Magic Mud Polishing Tooth Powder 150 Uses - Peppermint

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My Magic Mud Polishing Tooth Powder 150 Uses - Spearmint

Shop 2 Litre Water Bottles

My Magic Mud’s new natural dental care collection was inspired by published studies demonstrating the benefits of these natural ingredients for optimizing oral health. Their new “white label” tooth powder is a complement to the original activated charcoal teeth whitener collection which has been a best seller in our store since we first started stocking it.

Turmeric is such a miraculous ingredient with vast oral care applications and it has been developed this into a delicious and convenient tooth brushing experience. Simply scoop a little powder under your tongue, get your tooth bristles damp, and just start brushing. The turmeric may change the color of your bamboo toothbrush and the bristles, but it’ll shine your teeth right up and soothe your gums and mouth.


Instructions for using polishing tooth powder.

Open your My Magic Mud Polishing Tooth Powder over the sink. Using the included hygienic applicator, scoop a small amount under your tongue or place it directly on top of damp toothbrush bristles. Begin brushing gently for 2 minutes. Spit softly and close into the sink with the water running (so as not to make a mess). Rinse your mouth and toothbrush, and then brush again with a clean toothbrush to remove any leftover residue. Rinse again, and then floss.



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