New Lavera Front Row Curl Mascara

There are a few natural products where customers feel like they can't or don't want to make the change for fear of inferior performance. The main one we always get questions about is the switch to a natural deodorant. We have hundreds of reviews and satisfied customers in this area. One of the big ones in the beauty arena is the switch to a natural mascara. While our Ere Perez natural almond oil mascara is by far the most popular choice, it is an all purpose general every day wear type of mascara. It's smudgeproof and provides good wear, but you don't get that WOW factor for night time wear. If you want to step up to WOW, take a look at the new Front Row Curl Mascara from Lavera.

Forget about carrying around a bulky eye lash curler in your bag, this beauty gives you fabulous curled lashes with the exclusively designed brush and a vegan formula including rubber tree extract gives you flexibility along with your curls. For added oomph, apply by starting at the base of the lashes and apply slight movement from left to right as you slowly reach the tip of the lashes. Like all mascaras, you can build up a couple of layers for a more dramatic effect.

To remove at the end of the day or the evening, use a dedicated natural eye makeup remover or a simple pure oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil. Our organic cotton pads from Simply Gentle will ensure the whole process is as natural as possible.

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