NEW: Glass straw retro fit for Camelbak Eddy glass water bottles

We're pleased to announce the arrival of the Glass Dharma Camelbak Retrofit glass straw kit for the Camelbak Eddy glass water bottles this week. We have had many requests over time for these and we're excited to be the first retailer in Australia to add these unique glass straws to our range.

We have done a photo shoot so you can see exactly how it works. This first photo shows that there are 2 straws in the kit, a long one that replaces the polypropylene plastic straw inside the bottle and a shorter straw that goes inside the silicone mouthpiece so your mouth is touching glass and not the silicone.


Here's a closer look of the smaller straw next to the larger one so you can see the diameter clearly.


In this next photograph, we have taken the lid off the bottle and fitted the big straw to the underside of the lid and the smaller straw is sitting inside the silicone spout.


A closer look at the top straw in the silicone spout. It is worth noting that you cannot put the spout back down in to the closed position when the straw is in place, but we have a handy tip for storing it further down the page. With the straw kit in place, your mouth is now touching a glass straw and not the silicone mouthpiece and there is no need to bite down on the valve. The straw keeps it permanently open. This also means that this glass water bottle is no longer spillproof when open, so if you knock it over, water will spill out.


The lid is now screwed on to the bottle, ready to drink from.


When you're done, remove the small straw from the silicone mouthpiece and tuck it away in the silicone cover on the bottle. Just remember, all these times are glass and you do need to take some care.



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