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NEW: Eco Tan Coconut Sunscreen in an untinted version

Late last year, Eco Tan took their first step in to the natural sunscreen market with the release of their Coconut Tinted Sunscreen. It was an instant hit in our store.

This sunscreen addressed quite a few complaints that people have about natural sunscreen. Where some people find zinc based sunscreens to leave you looking white and pasty, this one has enough of a natural tint that this doesn't occur. Where some people find natural sunscreens can either be too dry or too oily, the consistency of this one sits in the middle as it uses coconut oil as a moisture base.

One small complaint from the Eco Tan Coconut Tinted Sunscreen was for those who wear it with clothing all day (especially when using it with kids at school), the tint can rub off on to your clothing. Eco Tan listened and have now come up with a second version of the sunscreen. It's exactly the same as the first one but with the removal of the tint. Our shipment of the Eco Tan Coconut Sunscreen (untinted) arrived in our warehouse this week.

Which Eco Tan Sunscreen should I choose?

To help you decide which one to choose, here's a couple of scenarios and which version we find more suitable.

Using the sunscreen on your face - Tinted
We recommend the tinted version for the face because the active ingredient is zinc oxide which is white. While these zinc based mineral sunscreens rub in relatively well, you can get a hint of whiteness on your skin, so for the face, using the tinted version is idea. If you don't want the tinted version but you'd like a small amount tinted for your face only, grab a small amount of your favourite mineral makeup and mix it in. The L Mav anti-aging mineral powder available in store has its own SPF rating as well.

For the kids at school - Untinted
If your kids school uniform is a light colour, it will rub off on to their uniforms, so especially for those kids with white shirts or white cuffs on dress sleeves, the untinted version is best.

At the beach - Tinted or Untinted
Either is fine. The only real difference is you'll slightly more tanned / normal skin toned with the tinted variety. Both have the same SPF rating and the same water resistance.



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