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NEW Dishwasher Tablets from Lil Bit Better

For those with chemical sensitivities, commercial dishwasher tablets & powder can leave a lingering odour in the home that can cause breathing difficulties. We have always had a good selection of natural dishwasher powder, but our only tablets left the store a while ago because were unhappy with the pricing policy of the manufacturer.

At a fraction under 60 cents per wash, this week we introduce the Cajeput & Wimmerra Pink Salt Dishwashing Tablets from Lil'Bit Better. These tablets are hand made in small batches with non-abrasive and naturally occurring minerals and salts. The thing that makes them beautiful to use as well is their use of essential oils, not only for home fragrance but also to assist with cleaning.

Cajeput is not an essential oil many people have heard of. It has a 'eucalyptus' type aroma, but fresher. It's actually a relative to tea tree essential oil and while it's campherous in scent, it also has fresh, uplifting and fruity quality to it. It's such an obscure yet highly useful oil that we don't even have it as a single oil available in our store. Even with the huge range of oils made by doTERRA, they don't have a cajeput essential oil either.

This brand also falls in to a unique place in our cleaning range, they are all palm oil free natural cleaning products. We have some pretty exciting news to share with you in 2019 about this, so hold on to your hats when that happens. It's very difficult to get natural cleaning products without a palm oil derivative. We only allow RSPO approved sustainable palm oil, and while we know the RSPO has some issues, we are not boycotting sustainable palm oil and punishing the farmers who rely on this to put food on the table. Boycotting all palm oil isn't the answer. It's really easy to find a palm oil alternative for the food industry, but for cleaning and beauty care, the replacement ingredients cause more harm due to the low yield of the plants.

Instead, we support the clean up of the RSPO and the industry as a whole. The natural industry isn't the one that's driving the volume and the devestation. Let's not punish those that have been doing the right thing and have struggled and failed to reformulate without palm (many have, we have a close working relationship with our suppliers).

In the interim, we understand that consumers want choice, so we are expanding our range of palm oil free cleaning products. They are more expensive and made in small batches. These small businesses thank you for their support each time you choose one of their products.

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