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Simmi is an Australian Aromatherapist with over 20 years experience in the industry. We are introducing The Bagel to our range as it is her favourite aroma diffuser & ioniser. It's compact, feature packed and powerful and we love it because it takes up very little room, can be easily carried with you while traveling and it also has an intermittent mode so it is not diffusing your essential oils non-stop all day.


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We love The Bagel ioniser here at Shop Naturally. It is a small, compact aroma diffuser with the capacity to run in intermittent mode or in continuous mode. Intermittent mode allows you to use less oil for all day scent and for you keep 'noticing' the aroma again during the day as it kicks in.

In intermittent mode, it diffuses for 3 minutes on and then rests for 1 minute. The Bagel can be run with or without a light, which can either be chamging colours or a combination of many different colour changing options (read below for the full list).

The Bagel takes around 100ml of water to fill and only needs 3 to 6 drops of your favourite essential oils to fill the tank.


ColourDark Wood, Light Wood, Piano Black, Pearl White
Size13cm diameter x 6cm high
In The BoxIoniser
Power Cord
Measuring Cup
How To UsePlace on flat, moisture resistant surface.
Open Lid
Place 100ml of water inside
Add 3-6 drops of essential oils
Close Lid
Connect Power
Press Mist Button to start
M - Mist ButtonPress Once - intermittent mode for 3 minutes on and 1 minute off
Press Twice - continuous mode
Press Three Times - to turn off
L - Light ButtonNot Pressed - light auto changes
Press Once - Blue Light
Press Twice - Red Light
3 Times - Green Light
4 Times - Blue & Red Light
5 Times - Red & Green Light
6 Times - Green & Blue Light
7 Times - Blue, Red & Green Light
8 Times - Light off
Safety NoteWhen emptying water out of the bagel, place your thumb over the air outlet to prevent water getting in to it when pouring and refilling


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