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New deodorant sticks from Ethique

The creators of the Ethique Shampoo Bar have more products in their range besides hair care products. In their body care range, they had deodorant bars, in the same shape and packaging as their shampoo bars. I can only assume that they had some feedback on handling the bars and keeping them in the box day in and day out and how application and storage was a little tricky. This year, they have kept the same formula as their original bars and put it in a 100% plastic free cardboard tube to more closely resemble how people are used to applying their natural deodorant. Introducing the easier to use Ethique Natural Deodorant Stick.

If you're not already familiar with the formula, we'll give you a run down. We're seeing more deodorant brands opt to only create a bi-carb free formula, and that's what Ethique have done here. While extremely effective at absorbing odour, bi-carb soda, is a completely natural ingredient that can be harsh on the skin and cause rashes. It even sparked a whole range of 'armpit detox' products to fix the problem. Natural doesn't always equal safe for some people, and bi-carb is one of those times. The solution became easier than that, formulators just got better at creating natural deodorant paste without bi-carb yet still extremely effective.

What are the core ingredients in the Ethique Deodorant Stick?

Forget the two main ingredients used in deodorant (bi-carb) and antiperspirants (aluminium), these sticks are powered by three main ingredients:-

  1. Magnesium Hydroxide - which has been traditionally used as a natural way to control odour in waste water commercially
  2. Zinc Oxide - traditionally used in natural sunscreen as a way to reflect UVA & UVB rays, its antimicrobial effects also mean it can inhibit the growth of bacteria, which is what makes our pits smell
  3. Bamboo Extract - capable of absorbing 200% of its own weight in sweat and oil

In two of the three scent options, the use of essential oils gives a desirable aroma to cover any potential body aroma not controlled by the three ingredients above. Botanica is a feminine skewed aroma, using lavender and vanilla scents, combined they give a warm and floral fragrance to the wearer. Rustic is a unisex aroma of lime, cedarwood and eucalyptus, a combination of fresh citrus balanced with the warmth and woodiness of the cedarwood and the woody / earthy properties of the eucalyptus. Since essential oils can also be a skin irritant for some, the range is rounded out with the Minimalist version which doesn't contain any essential oils at all.

How to apply the Ethique Deodorant Stick

The use of jojoba and sweet almond oils in the formula make gentle and silky smooth to apply. It is a solid stick that warms to the touch when applied directly to the skin. To apply, remove the cap and push the bar up less than you think you'll need to. A little bit really does go a long way. Apply evenly under each armpit. If you push it up too far, simply turn it upside down and gently tap on a flat surface to jiggle it back down.

100% Plastic Free Packaging

Like the rest of the Ethique range, the packaging is plastic free, and that's how we send it to you too. This 100% cardboard tube can be put in to your compost, buried in your garden or even used to plant a seedling, as it will naturally break down in the soil as your plant grows.


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