Why the new Cheeki Active bottle is THE choice for Back To School for any age

Cheeki have been an active part of the reusables movement since 2009, the same year Shop Naturally opened. We're the first to admit that when their first range of stainless steel water bottles were launched, their sports caps were troublesome.

Fast forward to the summer of 2018 / 2019 and they have what we think is the most innovative sports cap on the market for a drink bottle.

There's a good reason why this sports caps is called the Tri-Tech Sports lid. It has three different flow rates and a LEAKPROOF LOCKED OFF POSITION.

If you look closely at the grey band on the lid, there are three water drop shapes to indicate the three levels of flow and a marker for the off position (which is difficult to see on this photograph). On the bottom of the black section there's another marker to show you which position the lid is in.

It is very difficult to find a sports lid on a water bottle that's totally leakproof. The Sports Lid 3.0 from Klean Kanteen has a small silicone valve for air flow that prevents it from being completely leakproof. The bite valve on the Camelbak Water Bottles is pretty close, but also has a silicone valve under the resting position of the lid and isn't guaranteed either.

Why we think they are THE best choice for Back To School

  1. They are available in a single wall or insulated version, your choice
  2. They are more durable than earlier models and will certain stand up to a little more rough and tumble than before. If you have an earlier model and weren't happy with it, this is a completely different bottle with far superior quality.
  3. They are the only water bottle we've found with a truly leakproof sports lid.

The Classic Bottles with the screw lids were the only option available to begin with. We have always have a 50% off code on the Tri-Tech Sports lids so you can buy one with the bottle at a great price. This month, Cheeki have released the ACTIVE range which is the Classic bottle with the Tri-Tech sports lid fitted from the factory. These bottle are exactly the same price as those with the screw lid.

Cheeki ACTIVE bottles are only available in a limited range of size and colours but you always have the option of buying another colour and purchase the Cheeki Tri-Tech Sports Lid as an add-on.

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