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NEW: Aroma diffusers from Lively Living

Following on from the success of our original ultrasonic vaporiser that came to Shop Naturally last winter, this week we have added 4 new aroma diffusers to our range from Lively Living.

Now that winter is here, and the viral infections and breathing issues that arise through the winter cold and flu season, being prepared with an aroma diffuser and the right kit of essential oils will have a natural approach to assisting with the breathing difficulties associated with the season at your finger tips.

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Aroma Bloom (1 and 2)

We have added two new colours to the Aroma Bloom range, the 4 colours now available are Fuschia, Turquoise and the NEW Lime and Tangerine. It has a run time of 8 hours in continuous mode and up to 18 hours in intermittent mode. It has a 200ml tank, making it one of the largest on the market. It's a bright and stunning centrepiece if you have a diffuser out and in use most days.

As well as being an aroma diffuser (by popping your favourite doTERRA essential oils or your own favourite brand or blend), you can use it in a bedroom as a humidifier, air purifier and air ioniser. The Aroma Bloom can be run with our without the light. It has no timer, but you can alter the run time by varying the amount of water you put in the tank and this diffuser will switch itself off when the tank is empty.

Aroma O'mm (3)

While the Aroma Bloom is bright and stunning, the Aroma O'mm is natural and understated and beautiful. The exterior of this diffuser is natural bamboo and it has the same 5-in-1 operations as the Aroma Bloom. It is a smaller unit and as such, the water capacity is half the size, at 100ml. The Aroma O'mm runs for up to 6 hours in continuous mode and up to 10 hours intermittently.

It can also be run with or without the soft light that emits from the top of the unit. The light can be used at 2 intensities for a very soft and subtle light or one that's a little brighter.

Aroma Go (4)

This little pocket rocket is handy and portable. If you move your aroma diffuser around the home a lot, then this could be just for you. With a tiny 20ml tank, it has a short run time, just a couple of hours continuous mode, but can be run either on 2 x AA batteries or on mains power. It comes with a draw string carry bag and is lightweight and easily taken on holidays. It would also be perfect for use on a desk. This unit is a diffuser, ioniser and light. It does not have purify the air or act as a humidifier like the larger units do.



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