New and Popular for August 2018

Kilner Clip Top Glass Jars

These Kilner jars are the original design Kilner glass food containers and are air-tight with rubber seal when closed. Replacement seals are available to purchase and these jars are are perfect for dry storage in the pantry and for any number of preserving jobs in the kitchen. You can also use them to store home made bone broth in the fridge, or any pasta sauces or dips that you make.

"Love these jars - they are perfect in my walk in pantry and I love storing all my dry pantry items in these jars instead of having opened plastic bags of flours and other baking items stored everywhere. Looks amazing and is easy to keep things organised and to see when you need to replace anything. I keep adding a few more to each order to build my collection."

You may also want to check out the Kilner Fermentation Set to make your own sauerkraut at home. New versions of the fermentation jar are coming with a rubber lid and not a timber one. If you have a timber lid version that has warped, please contact whoever you purchased it from.

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4 My Earth reusable snack pockets

4 My Earth snack pockets and reusable sandwich bags are popular in our store year round. They are perfect for kids school lunches and a great way to save money by buying items like chips and crackers in bigger packets and portioning out each day.

"I got these for snack pouches for my little girls. They love them! Easy for little hands to open the velcro. Keeps snacks all snug. Easy to clean. So much easier to store and use than plastic containers" CJ


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Memo bottle - new sizes available

Memobottle is a water bottle - that is flat!!! This makes them extremely versatile and much easier to fit in your handbag, to carry along with a stack of books, or with certain sizes - to slide into the pocket of your jeans. They are made from bpa free plastic and are now available in 4 sizes - 180ml, 375ml, 450ml, 700ml starting from $24.95.

If you prefer glass water bottles and don't mind them being a traditional round bottle shape, then we have a great range of those in store, along with plenty of stainless steel water bottles that are just perfect (and very affordable) for kids to take to school.

memo bottle

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Hemp Seeds

How do you use your hemp seeds? In a smoothie? On a smoothie? Sprinkled on your salad, yoghurt or stir fry? In your skin care products?
How ever people are using it - it is flying off the shelves! We have several different brands in store with the option to purchase the hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, or hemp seed oil.

"This product is great - I will definitely order more. Fantastic in smoothies, great in salads. My hair and skin are completely different from having it almost every day for the last month or so." MJ

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