FAQ: Acure Organics Moisturiser

Today we're talking the pro's & con's of the new Acure Organics range of natural moisturisers. What we love about the Acure natural skin care range is both the quality of the product for the price and the sheer simplicity of the range. They are ideally suited to those with a fairly normal skin type who just want an affordable natural beauty product.

In the moisturisers, there's simply 2 products. One day cream. One night cream. (pictured above). Both are 50ml in size and priced at just $29.95*

In many skin care products (natural or otherwise), aqua is a core ingredients, ie: water. There is NO water in any of the Acure creams. Instead, they're enriched with superfoods, so you can feed & nourish your skin from the outside with superfoods as well.

The ACURE DAY CREAM is infused with ingredients like acai berry, blackberry, rosehips, pomegranate, calendula and more. It also has gotu kola cell + 1% chlorella growth factor. The gotu kola helps to firm up your skin and the chlorella growth factor supports the collagen and elastin fibres in your skin. In the ACURE NIGHT CREAM, you have double the chlorella growth factor at 2% + argan stem cells, which help repair your skin overnight as well as firming & moisturising your skin. The skin does it repairing at night time when you sleep, so the added boost in the night cream will have you waking with more nourished skin.

What skin types are these suited to?

Acure Organics Day & Night Creams are formulated to suit all skin types. They are a really great entry level product for people who don't have excessively problem skin. Our recommendations are as follows:-

Those with sensitive skin should do a patch test. This is easily done with one of our samples if you're unsure. Those with mature or excessively dry skin may find there isn't enough nourishment in these products. We suggest clicking through to the Mukti skin care range and choosing the Age Defence Serums. They have had amazing reviews.

What do they smell like?

You may think it's an odd question, but we get asked this a lot, and since I personally have a very sensitive nose, finding natural and organic skin care products that aren't heavily scented with floral essential oils can be really difficult. The day cream is a really pleasant, light and zesty citrus fragrance. It takes me back to childhood and eating lemon sherbet. I know, just dreadful, but the memory is vivid! The night cream is infused with a combination of lavender and citrus oil. Lavender is a calming oil, so very well suited to help you drift off to sleep. The lemon scent vanishes in just a few short minutes. The lavender lingers just a little longer, but you'll be drifting off to sleep with it.

How do they feel on the skin?

They both rub in very quickly and do not leave any kind of shine or greasy film or residue behind.

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