Navigating our Plastic Free Shopping Guide - Good, Better, Best

Our Plastic Free shopping guide follows the main philosophy in our store, for people to do the best they can with the situation that's in front of them and to develop the 'Good, Better, Best' type strategy. While we would all like to eliminate every piece of plastic from our lives, it's not always affordable or possible, so we have broken the guide down to 5 major categories.

100% Plastic Free

Our first of five categories is the 100% Plastic Free category. When you're shopping in this category, every product inside is 100% plastic free. The packaging may not be, the product itself is plastic free. We do allow silicone in to this category, in some food pouches and also seals on drink bottles. Some of the products that live in this category include stainless steel lunch boxes, straws, bamboo cutlery, cotton shopping bags, cleaning tools made from coconut fibre or cellulose, glass food jars, bamboo straws, stainless steel pegs, silk dental floss, beeeswax wraps and lots more.

Plastic Free Packaging

You can always see photos of the products you're purchasing on our site. With our own dedicated in-house photo studio, ours are the most comprehensive photos in this space in the country. You can't always see the packaging though. We do have plans to photograph everything in their packaging, but it's a work in progress.

In the interim, anything you find in this category has plastic free packaging. We have been delighted to play an active role with many of our suppliers to change their packaging, have products made for us that are naked "no packaging at all" and we now make the packaging one of the key factors that we look in to when we choose our range. Excess and unnecessary packaging has no place in our store.

There are over 400 products in the Plastic Free Packaging category and that number continues to grow.

Plastic Free Product & Packaging

When we talk about 'Good, Better, Best', this is the BEST. Currently there are almost 200 products that are not only plastic free, but they have plastic free packaging or better still, have no packaging at all. From shopping bags to shampoo bars, bamboo brushes and combs, beeswax wraps, soap nuts, bamboo pegs and so much more, the products in here are truly plastic free. And our packaging to get them to you is as well, with the exception of plastic packing tape on our larger orders (our smaller boxes all use water activated paper tape). Jump straight to our plastic free products and packaging.

Almost Plastic Free

The products in here are 'pretty good' for most looking to significantly cut down on their plastic use but understand that you cant' always get rid of it completely. In our Almost Plastic Free category we have glass jars and bottles with a plastic lid in our beauty aisles to nylon bristles on a cleaning brush that comes with stainless steel straws to nylon bristles on a bamboo toothbrush, a plastic lid on a stainless steel drink bottle or lunch box, a pouch made out of recycled water bottles that are holding bamboo cutlery, you'll find the majority of the products in here are plastic free with just a little 'something' to help their functionality.

No Plastic Touches Food Or Drink

You can't always see underneath a lid. Many stainless steel water bottles, flasks and lunch boxes have plastic on the underside of the lid, and you never know until you take the lid off and take a look. We lifted the lid on every vessel in store that carries food or drink to check on the underside of the lid. We have a lot of customers who ask for products where there's No Plastic Touching Food or Drink. We were the first store in Australia to be this thorough with our plastic free guide. Products that you will find in this category either have stainless steel or silicone under the lid or the whole product is designed without plastic, in the case of produce bags, tea strainers, beeswax wraps and the like.


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