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Natural Teeth Whitening with My Magic Mud

Let's be honest here for a minute, using black charcoal to make your teeth white is crazy right? When I was first introduced to the concept of using charcoal to whiten your teeth, I will admit, I thought it was weird, but we read enough information to be intrigued to give it a try and it has been a hit with our customers. After hundreds of our customers have given it a try and we've received many glowing reviews, we decided to hand a jar over to one of our product testers, Renee Bell from Little Girls With Great Big Dreams and her daughter Liana. If anyone's going to be 'weirded out' by the stuff, it's gonna be these two! I could have asked her to write a 'fluffy' review, but we just don't do that here. We prefer raw and honest, without the marketing B.S.

Renee thought the idea of this stuff was weird before she gave it a try, to the point where it sat on her bathroom sink for a week before she was game to try it. Don't worry, she's really glad she braved it and gave it a try and now she's a convert. Renee's blog post will take some of the 'ick' factor out of it all if the thought of using charcoal to whiten your teeth still seems super weird. .

What's in My Magic Mud?

This natural charcoal teeth whitening powder has just 4 natural ingredients.

  1. Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal (supplement grade)
  2. Calcium Bentonite Clay (supplement grade - made with living clay)
  3. Organic orange peel extract powder
  4. Wildcraft Mint Extract Powder

The jar has enough in it for approx 150 applications. It is advised to use it once a day for at least a fortnight to start off the whitening process and then you can drop down to a maintenance usage.

How does it work?

The charcoal whitens, polishes, removes toxins and boosts immunity. The clay detoxifies, strengthens and remineralises your teeth. The orange peel extract also helps to remove stains and whiten teeth and it's done without any citric acid or orange flavour. The mint soothes teeth and gums and reverses some dental pain if you're experiencing it, again, all without any flavour (which Renee confirmed in her review.)

Isn't it messy?

Absolutely!! There's no clean and sanitary way to say this or to use it, so be prepared for some mess and use our handy hints to minimise how much mess you actually make.


  • use your favourite toothbrush
  • wear a white shirt while you're doing it
  • use your favourite face washer to clean up the mess


  • invest in a charocal toothbrush for application (the bristles are already black).
  • be naked while you do it- ie: use it in the shower instead of over a basin
  • rinse off any mess in the shower without the need for ruining hand towels or face washers
Liana using My Magic Mud - mess and all!!!! Liana using My Magic Mud - mess and all!!!!

The verdict?

Renee was pleasantly surprised after giving My Magic Mud a test drive. Her teeth are a little whiter and she does admit to having fun freaking out her daughter Liana and their cat with black stuff dripping from her mouth!. She found it has no taste and while initially it's interesting to have the powder in your mouth, it very quickly mixes with the saliva and just feels like liquid. There's no smell, no taste and it's not gritty. She does recommend a super good rinse and flossing afterwards. While there's lots of information on the internet about using coconut oil for oil pulling to whiten teeth, the charcoal is far more effective. We have yet to receive any noticable results from using oil pulling for teeth whitening. Another of our product testers has been trialling some flavoured coconut oil sachets (with quite the price tag attached) and did not like them at all. She's still in the process of trialling the My Magic Mud and is comparing it to commercial products so the results of that will be interesting in coming weeks.



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