Natural Shampoo without the plastic bottle

When switching to natural products, being eco-friendly is also really important for many, so we are always on the lookout for companies who create innovative products and use minimal packaging. With this in mind, we're really happy to be stocking the Beauty & The Bees range at Shop Naturally and in particular, their natural shampoo, which doesn't come in a plastic bottle, it comes as a bar of soap.

A completely unique product to our store, not matched by any other brand, there's no landfill issues. Each shampoo bar comes in a box that can be recycled. They're so popular that at the time of writing this post, 5 of the 8 shampoo bars were out of stock. Apart from the 'no plastic' bonus, if you're travelling and in particular, flying a lot, your shampoo is one less liquid to carry on to the plane. With a small liquid allowance, you can use it on something else.

The 8 products in the range are:-

  1. Beauty & The Bees Beer Shampoo Bar - for dandruff, oily or fine hair
  2. Beauty & The Bees Hemp & Honey Shampoo Bar - for dry sensitive scalps & hair
  3. Beauty & The Bees Henna Senna Shampoo Bar -a mineral rich conditioning shampoo for glossy and full bodied hair
  4. Beauty & The Bees Lemon & Chamomile Shampoo Bar - suitable for all but great with blonde or silver hair
  5. Beauty & The Bees Moroccan Mud Shampoo Bar - for smooth and silky hair
  6. Beauty & The Bees Rosemary & Mint Shampoo Bar - for really thorough cleansing
  7. Beauty & The Bees Tasmanian Bush Leaves Shampoo Bar - with antiseptic & antifungal essential oils
  8. Beauty & The Bees Tasmanian Goats Milk Shampoo Bar - to moisturiser, soften & cleanse

The 6 most popular shampoo bars are also available in a sampler pack so you can give them a test run before purchasing a full sized bar. It contains rosemary & mint, lemon and chamomile, help seed, moroccan mud, Tasmanian beer and the Tasmanian bush leaves.

Core ingredient feature

Olive Oil - known to promote scalp & hair health, making hair shiny & soft.
Coconut Oil* - moisturising with antibacterial and antimicrobal properties
Castor Oil - helps regrowth of hair and moisturises the scalp
Leatherwood Beeswax & Honey - stimulates growth, thickens the hair & adds volume
Hemp Seed Oil** - massaged in to the scalp, helps to promote blood flow to the scalp, can help to thicken hair and prevent / treat dandruff
Essential Oils - a variety of natural essential oils are found in the shampoos not only for their scent but for anti microbial & antibacterial properties too, including eucalyptus, lemon, kunzea and tea tree


* We have a quality range of organic coconut oil in store that can be used on their own as a natural hair treatment once a week, simply cover the hair, leave for 20-30 minutes (or overnight if you wish) and then shampoo out.
** Hemp seed oil is extracted from hemp seeds. All the hemp products we sell in store are food grade, but the law doesn't allow us to promote them as a food. The oil in particular does make an excellent hair & body product on its own. It must be stored in the fridge and has a relatively short shelf life.

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