Memobottle - 2 new sizes available

memobottle, the original flat water bottle has arrived in 2 new sizes, now giving you 4 options to choose from.

(As shown above - A7 - 180ml, A6 - 375ml, A5 - 750ml, Slim - 450ml)

The A6 and the A5 size have both been extremely popular since we launched them last year and we know these two new options will become customer favourites too.


memobottle™ is an Australian invention premium quality, lightweight, slimline flat water bottle. Although you wouldn't think it would be much different to a standard round water bottle it is actually surprising just how much easier they are to use, and to fit in your handbag, backpack, or laptop case. Several of our staff members use them and love them, and some of the sizes will even fit in your back pocket of your jeans!! Also - it can sometimes look a little like you are drinking vodka out of a hip flask - so that is a great conversation starter ;)

I LOVE my memobottle... even though I normally prefer a larger volume the A6 is actually my first choice because it's compact and holds enough to keep you going without being too heavy. Also a great conversation piece! SH.


Memobottle Flat BPA Free Water Bottle - A7 180ml

A7 size = 1/8 of a piece of A4 paper. 13.7cm tall (including lid) x 7.4cm wide x 3cm deep. Comes with one black lid and one white lid so you can choose your look.

The A7 size memobottle is perfectly sized to clutch in your hand with a phone or wallet and to slide into your laptop case or handbag easily. For those times when you just need a little drink and don't want to carry a large volume of water with you.

memo bottle a7


Memobottle Flat BPA Free Water Bottle - Slim 450ml

A taller version of the original A7 size at almost the same height as an A4 piece of paper. 26.5cm tall (including lid) x 8cm wide x 3cm deep. Comes with polished silver lid.

memo bottle slim

If you prefer you can also check out our range of glass water bottles and stainless steel water bottles.

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