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Meet Tango & Tux - two new deodorants from the Woohoo range

This month we have added the two new scents in the Woohoo Body natural deodorant range. This Australian made & owned brand have been pioneers in the Australian natural deodorant space by being one of the first brands to eliminate their plastic pots and swapping to metal tins that can be re-used, but then went one step further by choosing to make their sticks in cardboard tubes so 100% of the packaging materials are biodegradable instead of 'reusable'. While we love containers that can be re-used, there's only so many empty deodorant tins a person needs in their home!

The deodorants in the Woohoo Body range fall in to 3 main categories. Tango & Tux are additions to these 3 categories. In this blog we will out line the 3 categories and tell you which deodorants are grouped together.


The first bi-carb free deodorant in the Woohoo deodorant range was Mellow. In the yellow tube, Mellow has the benefit of not only being great for sensitive skin, but it was always great for sensitive noses too because it's unscented. The rest of the range uses essential oil blends for an added boost of protection on top of the core ingredients used to control odour.

Mellow is now joined in the range by TANGO in the orange tube. Both Mellow and Tango use magnesium hydroxide as the core odour control ingredient to replace bi-carb soda. While bi-carb is completely natural and safe to use (it's used in cooking and is great to get odours out of carpets and even your fridge) it can be a skin irritant. Tango has a beautiful zingy and fresh citrus aroma using Tangerine and Lemon essential oils, balanced out with Cedarwood Atlas for a little earthy tone.

Tango is a universally loved aroma blend.


The original URBAN deodorant from Woohoo was the first and only product in the range on launch. Urban has a very subtle aroma using a blend of sage, orange, lavender, palmarosa, rose and vanilla. It's quite the list, but they balance each other out to provide a subtle final aroma. One of the features of the whole range is the predominantly universal aromas that are not particularly skewed towards traditional masculine or feminine aromas. For something stronger in the regular strength range, SURF is scented with fruit, not essential oils. Think guava, passionfruit, melon, coconut and lime. You will feel like you're in a tropical paradise while wearing it!


The extra coverage is great, but it does come with potential skin irritation issues for some, so it's a good idea to think about whether you can stick with the regular strength or if you need to step up to a deodorant with a higher level of bi-carb soda in it. WILD is the original extra strength and is now joined by TUX. Both the colour and design on the packaging suggests a masculine skew, but we do find a lot of women who are naturally drawn to earthy tones. This blend of Bergamot, Lemon, Cedarwood Atlas and Patchouli also shows a true universal appeal despite the name. It's sweet, spicy and woody and another beautifully balanced blend.

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At the time of publishing this blog post, Tux & Tango were only available in the sticks and not in the tins.


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