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Meadow and Marrow becomes Gevity RX

Gevity RX is your recipe for a long life. It's also the new name for one of our staple brands, Meadow & Marrow. This blog is a brief history of the evolution of their range and the name change this month.

The Origins of Meadow & Marrow

Meadow and Marrow was the first bone broth concentrate to be manufactured in Australia. They created a proprietary process to produce a thick, rich and nutrient dense paste that the formulators nicknamed Body Glue, because it was made for a family member with gut health issues and it 'glued' them back together.

The name Meadow and Marrow comes from the use of 100% grass fed beef bones which are simmered to extract nutrients from the bones and also the bone marrow. At the time the first products were released, the original culinary range (the natural, curry and the lemon & herb broth pastes), Meadow & Marrow just did one thing, create an amazing bone broth and also flavour them.

The Addition of the Performance Range

With the evolution of the brand, the original bone broth paste, which has been independently tested to contain 10x more collagen based amino acids than market leading liquid bone broths, they created their Performance Range, named AM Cleanse, Burn, Populate and Boost.

Using the Food As Medicine philosophy as a base, the natural bone broth paste was supercharged with an array of herbs and spices to add an extra layer of healing ingredients over the base of the collagen and amino acid profile already present.

  • AM Cleanse is layered with ginger, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, black pepper and lemon myrtle. It's an immune booster and anti-inflammatory boost from the turmeric, which becomes more bio-available with the inclusion of black pepper and good quality fat. It's a great way to start the day as a warm broth tea.
  • Burn is packed with thermogenic spices to give your metabolism a kickstart! Say hello to MCT oil, matcha green tea, olive leaf, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and ginseng.
  • Populate is your digestive systems new best friend. Fermented Miso bring good bacteria to the paste along with digestive enzymes and antioxidants. The flecks you see through the paste are organic Wakame Flakes.
  • Boost gets its rich and vivid colour from organic beetroot powder which is rich in nitrates. The body converts these nitrates in to nitric oxide which assist with blood flow and this can assist with increased stamina. Read this article from WebMD about the benefits of beet juice in your diet.

New Sauces in 2019

With the original Bone Broth Concentrate as a base, Meadow & Marrow released 3 bone broth sauces. They're best described as flavoured egg free mayonnaise in a plain original mayo, a turmeric flavoured mayo (with an anti-inflammatory twist like AM Cleanse) and a BBQ flavour. One of the biggest issues with commercial mayo is their use of industrial seed oils. This one uses extra virgin olive oil instead and is thickened without eggs.

The name change to Gevity RX

With plans to further expand the range in to the future (stay tuned), Meadow and Marrow rebranded in February 2020 to Gevity RX. Gevity is a shortened version of the world LONGEVITY, which means long life. RX is used for medical descriptions, but it's also Latin for 'recipe'. The products Gevity RX have planned for the future, along with their core base of broths are a Recipe for a Long Life.

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