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Make your own tinted moisturiser with sunscreen

This week I had a chat with a lovely lady on the phone with sensitive skin who was looking for a tinted moisturiser for her face with sunscreen. She was having a really hard time finding the right combination of the perfect shade vs a moisturiser that was not only nourishing for her skin, but also one that her skin didn't react to.

By the end of the phone call, she had 2 products in her shopping cart and a recipe for a super simple DIY job.

The 2 ingredients

ONE - Your favourite moisturiser, in this case, we recommended she choose from the Zkin Organics range and suggested she try both the Rejuvenating Moisturiser form normal / dry / mature skin, and the Relief Moisturiser for sensitive skin. You can use whatever you like, use something you already have at home, otherwise, take a look through our organic skin care to start your product off with a quality base. Zkin, Mukti and La Mav are all certified organic.

TWO - Your perfect shade of mineral powder foundation. Most mineral foundation has a natural SPF rating from the mineral powder. In this case, we recommended the La Mav Anti-Aging minerals as they have an SPF 15 rating. It comes in 4 shades. You can also substitute bronzing powder, and again, you can use any type of powder you have a home already, otherwise, take a look through our natural makeup for a selection of mineral powders.

Then you just mix

You now have total control. While many people will moisturise, wait a few minutes and then apply a powder foundation over the top, not everyone has time for that. If you're short on time in your morning beauty regime or you don't like the idea of accidentally inhaling powder (yes, please keep your mouth closed and gently exhale through the nose as you apply powder foundations and bronzers and blushes), you can just mix the two together.

You can control how strong the colour is by how much mineral foundation powder you put it. Like an artist mixing paint, start off with a small amount and then test. If it's not dark enough, add more. Remember, the more powder foundation you have, the better the sun protection will be.

Hot Tip for 'no pasty face' at the beach

You can also add your powder foundation to any natural sunscreen to take that white pasty look out of mineral sunscreen. Zinc based sunscreens are notorious for making your skin look at little pasty. Fix that by popping in a bit of foundation.


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