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What make Nuebar Conditioner Bar stand out from the rest

Back when the girls from Nuebar came to visit us at our warehouse for the first time, they sat down and explained how they formulated the range, how they take great care in choosing their ingredients and hand pouring every single bar and then left me with samples to try. As someone who is ultra sensitive to many natural ingredients and the smell of a variety of natural essential oils, I was grateful that they were able to include both an unscented shampoo bar, conditioner bar and moisturiser bar in their range. Often my chemical sensitivities and issues with smells prevents me from personally trialling a lot of what we sell. This wasn't the case with Nuebar, I was able to do the test drive myself.

While I love the shampoo bars in the range (and we'll do a dedicated post about those as well), the conditioner bar really blew me away. It's nothing like anything else on the market. Here's the reasons why we love it and what makes it stand out from the rest.

NueBar Conditioner Bar uses a unique conditioning agent

Combining the best of Green Chemistry and Nature, NueBar have sourced a natural proper conditioning agent that changes the hair shaft from negatively charged to positively charged. This charge encourages the cells on the hair shaft to lay down flat and also remains on the hair shaft after rinse-off because of electrostatic attraction. The majority of the other conditioner bars (even natural ones) are derived from a class of chemicals known as quarternary compounds (known as Quats for short). They can be irritants and don't break down easily after they wash down your drain. The relatively new conditioning agent that's used by Nuebar is plant based and addresses the environmental and irritant issues around Quats. It gives a superior comb-ability.

Buy a mini or a full size bar and feel the difference yourself.

NueBar Conditioner Bar can be used as a Co-Wash

Think 2-in-1 shampoo. The NueBar Conditioner Bar can be used as a 'Conditioner Wash' or a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner wash. This is particularly helpful for those with curly hair because it reduces the frequency of a shampoo based wash and helps hold the natural oils in the hair and your curls in place without styling products. The NueBar shampoo bars, when lathered up really well, give you the results of a clarifying shampoo, giving you ultra clean hair. When this effect isn't wanted, you can choose to do a mini wash with a shampoo bar or a Co-Wash with the conditioner bar every 2nd or 3rd wash. Experiment with your own hair and see what works best for you.

Nuebar Conditioner Bar can be used as a deep hydrating treatment

Shampoo first, or do your Co-Wash and then add a generous amount of Conditioner Bar to your damp hair. Work through with your fingers and leave on for a minimum of 15 minutes or up to an hour before rinsing out. It's a beautiful hair mask without the need to purchase a standalone product.

NueBar Conditioner Bar left my hair the softest it has ever felt

When you're sensitive to a lot of products like I am, more often than not, you're not hunting for a product that gives you the best results, you will just settle for one that doesn't react badly with your skin or your breathing. For year I had been using a bottle shampoo that didn't irritate me, but my hair was always a little lifeless. When I tried the NueBar Conditioner Bar, all of a sudden, my hair was shiny and full of bounce. My curls came back with a force and it is THE BEST MY HAIR HAS EVER LOOKED AND FELT. I'm 50 and it's going grey now (I sparkle in the sun) and I think my hair looks and feels better now than it did when I was in my 20's.

NueBar Conditioner Bar is available in an unscented version

Unscented natural hair products are really difficult to find. Add quality and performance to the list and it's virtually impossible. NueBar are a real standalone in this aspect.

NueBar Conditioner Bar is long lasting

At 70g in weight, it's advertised to last between 80-90 washes with the shampoo bars weighing in at 90g and 70-80 washes. I was more than half way through my second shampoo bar while finishing off my conditioner bar. To get both bars to finish at roughly the same time, I recommend doing a Co-Wash every 2nd or 3rd wash.

.... and here's Katie, formulator of Nuebar


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