Maca Powder & healthy hormones

Today, while scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across a Q&A from Nat Kringoudis. Someone asked Nat how they can extend the first half of their menstrual cycle (the follicular cycle). After attending her Debunking Ovulation seminar last year, I learned that the follicular cycle needs to be a particular length for a successful ovulation. For those trying to get pregnant, this is a pretty big deal.

Her answer contained the following (in part):-

"Maca is brilliant to assist in regulating hormones and because of its adaptogenic properties it helps to balance your thyroid - meaning if it is not kicking along nicely, it will help kick it into gear and if it is in overdrive it will help to calm it down. This can be useful to help balance and regulate hormones."

She also mentions good quality protein & fats in your diet, which I also agree, should be a part of everyone's diet. My favourite saturated fat to add to the diet is coconut oil. Why? It takes a different digestion path through the body, an easier one than most other fats, and in most people, tolerated well. I do all of my cooking / frying in it now, and with most food, I am used to any mild coconut flavour imparted, with one exception. I cannot stand mushrooms cooked in coconut oil. They taste revolting. I stick with good ole' butter or ghee for that one.

There's not a lot of good quality information on the internet about maca powder, but Nat has written a great blog post about it HERE. Nat is the hormone guru. I also highly recommend her Debunking Ovulation course and her Debunking PCOS course. I participated in the first one, and have heard rave reviews about the second.

Eating / Taking Maca Powder

We sell Maca Powder in our food section (our favourite is the Loving Earth Maca Powder and it's available in sizes from 250g to 1kg). It is classed as a superfood, and as such, caution should be taken when introducing it in to your diet. Here are our top tips, but please, seek advice from a natural health care practitioner if you have any issues.

  • Don't treat this like a food, treat it like a supplement / medication
  • Start off with a very small dose - maybe as low as 1/4 teaspoon or less
  • Don't add anything else new to your diet or routine when you start up & monitor how you feel closely
  • For women, monitor your menstrual cycle in particular. While some people thrive on Maca Powder and it helps to heal hormone imbalances, it can cause others to bleed heavily. If this happens, please discontinue use and speak to a naturopath as there could bo other underlying gut or hormonal issues that need addressing (or you simply may be sensitive to maca)

It is not totally uncommon for people with sensitivities and health issues to react to maca powder. It's also very common for people to thrive on it, so don't be scared to give it a try. Just do it mindfully and be aware that it doesn't agree with everyone.

How can I eat Maca Powder?

It's really simple to slip it in to all manner of things.

  • Add it to hot (or cold) chocolate
  • Put it in your morning smoothie
  • Mix it in to your favourite bliss ball / protein ball recipe

We will be featuring recipes that include Maca Powder as an ingredient in coming weeks & months, and in the interim, the Loving Earth website's recipe bank is a great place to start looking.

What our readers say

We'll keep updating this each time someone leaves a comment and we re-post the article, but below, you will find genuine unedited comments from our readers on Facebook. There's no names for privacy reasons.

* Love it as balances my hormones out
* Sorted my hot flushes so well I barely notice them!
* I love it. You don't need much to give you an energy boost for the day!
* I found it ok in small amounts. When I tried it I was still breast feeding (bub was about 10 mths I think) I found an almost instant increase in milk which was a interesting experience (settled supply after a few days).
* Fabulous in small doses daily to balance the hormones out..any more than 1tsp is too much for me!
* I love maca, I use it almost everyday in my green smoothies and in baking, sometimes chocolate too! Love it!

* I tried it but it made my skin break out. I could really feel the energy boost it gave me though. Sadly the bad skin was not worth it!
* Unfortunately, Maca does not love me. Or, my body does not love Maca.
* I find myself with nasty headaches whenever I have it, even only a 1/4 tsp. Sigh.
* Not a fan of Maca at all - it harasses my nervous system.

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(Note: this is not a sponsored post - we don't do sponsored posts here. It's a personal endorsement that I have given Nat Kringoudis because I am always impressed with her work)


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