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Lunchbots - same great product - new names

The first stainless steel lunch box we ever had in store was from Lunchbots, and like another legacy brand Klean Kanteen, they're have been in our store since almost day 1 (which was April 2009) and are still in store today. The expansion and innovation in the range has been great to watch. Recently, Lunchbots have moved away from their 'Pico, Classic, Bento' wording to talk about size, as it was pretty confusing, and have simplified the whole nomenclature.

Here's a list of the before and after names and a visual image of what they are.

Lunchbots Pico is now Lunchbots Small

Small is for little kids and snacks. It's available in 2 configurations, the Protein Packer (pictured above) and a Duo split bento box. They are 450ml in capacity and measure 13.97cm x 10.16cm x 3.81. Old school that 5.5 x 4 x 1.5 inches.

Lunchbots Classic is now Lunchbots Medium

Medium is a standard size lunch box for the average appetite. The volume is 600ml and measures 15.25 x 12.7 x 4.55cm. It's available in the Uno configuration (no divider), Duo (split down the middle), Trio done 2 ways, one has a thin long comparment across the whole lunch box. The other has three almost equally sized compartments. There's also a Quad with 4 equal compartments. We have the Quad in the plain silver like the rest of the range and 2 coloured clip on lids.

Lunchbots Bento is now Lunchbots Large

We're so glad of the name change just for this size alone. At 960ml capacity, the new large size is available in a Trio bento configuration and a Cinco 5 bento configuration. It's 60% larger than the medium in volume and more than double the size of the Small. The outer dimensions measure 20 x 15 x 4cm. Each one is available in the full stainless steel and then 2 different colour options for the clip on lids.

Please be aware that in the USA, all the lunch boxes are available in a wide variety of colours. We are only able to import a small colour selection for the Lunchbots Australia range. They are a premium stainless steel lunch box and priced accordingly. Once you invest in one, you will own it for years and your kids can get through school with just the one lunch box.

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