Lunchbots Clicks - the leakproof lunch box with no plastic touching your food

One of the most common lunch box questions we get is this; "Do you have a leakproof stainless steel lunch box where there's no plastic touching my food?"

So far, the only solution we have had is insulated food jars with screw lids, and they're usually the wrong shape for what people want, so the answer has always been no. This year we did get both a 2 tier and 3 tier bento lunch box from Green Essentials that came really close, but there was no silicone seal in the lids, so while we were 99% there, we still didn't have a solution. There are several options in our stainless steel lunch box category with a stainless steel bottom and a leakproof bpa free plastic lid, but again, we were 99% there but not quite. While you an always put a piece of If You Care parchment paper over the top of the food so it's not touching the plastic, it's not ideal. Lunchbots have just come up with the perfect solution.

Enter the Lunchbots Clicks

Lunchbots Clicks are a single wall, full stainless steel interior lunch box with clip down lids and a silicone seal that work in the same way our Glasslock containers do. They are round in shape, so we're still not at the 'pop a sandwich' in style of lunch box, but that's not what most people want something leakproof for.

As you can see from the photos at the top of the page, they're best used for salads with dressings, left overs that have liquid in them, soups and more. While there is plastic on the rim and the clips, there's nothing touching your food. The containers are not insulated, but you can use them to store hot leftovers in the fridge. If you're putting hot left overs in the Lunchbots Clicks, please allow the food to cool before sealing the lid in to place. Being stainless steel, they are not suitable for putting in the microwave, so if you want to take your Lunchbots Clicks to work, pop it in to your insulated lunch bag with your water bottle, fruit and other snacks and none of them are going to leak. You'll just need to put your lunch in to a bowl before you reheat it.

Lunchbots Clicks come in 3 sizes, 750ml, 1 litre and 1.5 litres. All three sizes are the same diameter and share the same lid size, 16.5cm wide. It is the height that changes the volume. At the very top of the page you can see the 750 and 1.5 litres. The picture of the empty box just above us is the 750ml and is 7.6cm high.

Find these and rest of the stainless steel choices all together in our stainless steel lunch box category.


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