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Lunchbots Alternatives

As of the start of October 2019, Lunchbots Australia deliveries have ceased until further notice. We don't know if this is a short term issue or a long term issue yet.

We have extremely limited stock left but we do have alternatives in other brands for most of what is in the range.

Lunchbots Small and Lunchbots Medium

At 450ml in capacity and 600ml capacity respectively, the Bento Snack Box from Ever Eco is 580ml in capacity and available in a single lunch box, a 2 compartment bento box and a 3 compartment bento box. We do not have a replacement for the small protein packer of the Medium Quad which are both 4 compartments.

You can easily hack an extra compartment in any bento lunch box with a silicone cup cake mould or muffin mould. We have both in store. You may even already have some at home.

Lunchbots Large Bento Trio and Bento Cinco

By far the most popular boxes in the range are the Large Bento Trio and Large Bento Cinco. Each of these bento boxes are 960ml in capacity with either 3 or 5 compartments. We have the Green Essentials Sustain-A Bento Trio which is 1800ml in capacity. It's roughly the same footprint as the Lunchbots but it's taller. You can hack this one for extra bento compartments with our silicone cupcake moulds above or with their Sili-Pot small stainless steel pot which fits nicely inside any of the compartments. You can always replace a Bento Cinco with 2 smaller Ever Eco Snack Boxes and it works out at roughly the same price. Because Lunchbots are air-freighted in to Australia in small quantities, the price does reflect this. The replacements all have Australian distribution and enter the country by sea and in bulk, reducing freight costs.

Lunchbots Dips

As a set of 3 containers that are 45ml in capacity, we have a replacement for this too. The main difference is the lids. Dips have a stainless steel lid with a silicone seal. Ever Eco Mini Containers have a silicone lid and are just slightly larger at 60ml capacity. If you want something larger and want just one, the Sili-Steel Pot from Green Essentials is the same design style as the Mini Containers but a larger 90ml capacity and can be purchased singly. Below is the 3 pack of Mini Containers and as you can see, they sit inside the Bento Snack Box from Ever Eco very nicely.

Lunchbots Thermal

These are an insulated food flask with no plastic underneath the lid. While we don't have anything with the width of the 470ml capacity, we have food jars that are slightly more narrow with stainless steel under the lid and the same capacity from Avanti.

Lunchbots Round

These are being discontinued regardless of whether we can get Lunchbots back at a later date. They are a single wall stainless steel jar with a plastic lid and no insulation in 115ml and 230ml capacity. We do not have a direct swap for this product.

Lunchbots Stainless Steel Salad Bowl

In 750ml, 1 litre and 1.5 litre capacity, these are leakproof round single wall lunch boxes with stainless steel under the lid. Unfortunately we don't have an exact swap for these either. We do have double and triple stacked Tiffin style tins from Green Essentials in store, but they are not leakproof.

Still looking for something else?

If you're looking for inspiration or for something completely different, please visit the lunch box category for a whole range of boxes, bentos, wraps, pockets, food jars and so much more. Need help? The green help button is your direct line to our customer service team who will assist you with making the right choice for your needs.


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