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Lively Living Family Wellness Collection of essential oil blends

This month we had added the full collection of essential oil blends available from Australian aromatherapy and diffuser specialists, Lively Living. The range includes 26 essential oil blends and a fractionated coconut oil to make your own massage oils and roller balls.

The essential oil blends belong to collections. Today we're introducing you to the five essential oil blends in the Family Wellness Collection.

Lively Living Joy is a fresh and vibrant aroma from the organic sweet orange and lime. It's balanced with the earthy aroma of Frankincense and the floral aromas of bergamot and ylang ylang and the masculine and spicy aroma of bay. Diffuse Joy in your aroma diffuser to support feelings of happiness, peace and optimism. This is the only oil blend in the Family Wellness collection that's not certified organic as a whole blend. 2/3 of the ingredients are certified organic. The other 1/3 is 100% natural. We only allow 100% pure essential oils in our store, whether they're a single oil or as a part of a blend. We never allow synthetics or lab derived fragrance. Lively Living have the same philosophy.

Lively Living Stress Release shares three essential oils with Joy - orange, ylang ylang and bergamot. It has a far more complete floral aroma with the inclusion of Lavender and Patchouli and mandarin for the second citrus aroma. Mandarin has long been a favourite scent of mine to reduce stress and lavender is well documented for its calming influence. Use 3-5 drops in your favourite aroma diffuser or dilute in a carrier oil to wear as a perfume.

Lively Living Positivity is a modification on the Joy blend with a cooler and fresher aroma. The orange oil is replaced with mandarin, which is a much sweeter and cleaner aroma, joined by the florals of ylang ylang and bergamot. The spicy bay has been replaced with spearmint which is a mild and refreshing mint without the same level of intensity found in peppermint. Diffuse to support feelings of clarity, certainty and a positive outlook. It is the perfect balance of fresh and floral.

Lively Living Immune Boost is built on cooling and cleansing oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, lemon and laurel leaf. Diffuse when the house is full of coughs and sneezes. It also makes a great essential oil blend to pop in to home made natural cleaning products. Because of the cooling nature of the eucalyptus and peppermint, it is not advised to diffuse for extended periods of time. An hour or two once a day is sufficient.

Lively Living Sleep can be used as a part of a nighttime ritual to help you to drift off to sleep. Mandarin essential oil is helpful to minimise stress, which is often the thing that prevents people from falling asleep, not being able to switch off from the frenetic energy of the day. It's joined by relaxing lavender, calming sweet orange the floral relaxer in geranium and ylang ylang. It's a balance of citrus and floral with the floral being the more dominant force.

Visit the Lively Living category to find the full range of essential oil blends and the aroma diffusers we selected to keep in our range.


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