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Large Smoothie Cups arrive in store

At the start of the year, I predicted that 2019 would be the year that smoothie cups got the same attention that coffee cups did. Reusable coffee cups are everywhere now. Most stores that sell coffee also have a reusable coffee cup for sale. Many will fill it the first time for free. This hasn't happened with smoothies yet, but the trend is slowly changing. Until you can walk up to your favourite smoothie or juice bar and buy a good quality empty, you'll need to be forward thinking and shop around and bring your own.

We have the best smoothie cups available online, and we just managed to fix one hole in the category, finding one that's over 600ml in capacity. Most juice bars have a larger smoothie or juice that just won't fit in a 600ml cup.

At Boost Juice, Australia's largest chain, their sizes are 350ml (for the kids), 450ml and 610ml. Until now, we just didn't have anything quite bit enough for the 610ml original size at Boost.

The new sized 887ml Smoothie Cup from Ever Eco

Our Ever Eco smoothie cups are double wall stainless steel vacuum insulation with a clear plastic lid with a hole large enough for a smoothie straw. The original size is 592ml but with the lid on, it reduces down to around 550ml, so it's 60ml short of a large juice. The new size is 887ml in capacity with the same lid and a tapered base so it still fits in your car's cup holder. The capacity is well within what's needed. At some juice bars, they make a little extra that never fits in the cup. Hand over something larger and you may just get an extra mouthful!!

They're not just for smoothies

You can hand over the same cups for tea, coffee, hot chocolate or any beverage you like. Their insulation is perfect capable of handling hot drinks as well as cold ones. If you're using a hot drink with a straw (some people do this with coffee so it doesn't stain their teeth), stainless steel straws are a bad idea, choose silicone.

Avanti Dry Cell Containers

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