Kilner Fermentation Set in stock

Kilner are the original glass jar preserving company from the UK. We have hand selected some of our favourites from the range for our plastic free category and our glass food containers category. With many people not wanting to use plastic containers anymore, they are an affordable solution for those who don't have the budget for products like Glasslock and who don't need to bake in them.

Outside of the standard fermenting jars are quite a few quirky products with a great price point. The Kilner Fermentation Set is one that we haven't advertised much because we have struggled to keep enough on the shelves to advertise them. This week we got a sizable delivery that we hope will at least last a few days to get a bit of a conversation going.

The Kilner Fermentation Set uses the same 3 litre jar as their clip top jars (so it's easy to buy an extra jar if you need it for storage) and has a beechwood lid, an air lock and bung and 2 ceramic pebbles to hold your sauerkraut under the liquid while it's fermenting. There is a simple recipe book inside your kit, but we do recommend you taking a good read online about the best way to create ferments and possibly buying a starter culture to make your like a little easier. The video below gives you a much closer look at how it works.

One tip we recommend when doing fermentation like this, to really ensure your food doesn't sneak up over the water line is to place something underneath the stones to weigh everything down. A piece of If You Care parchment paper or a large round muffin case is the perfect thing to use.

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