Introducing Weleda Aroma Shower

"Infuse your day with nature's moods" is the motto of the new Weleda Aroma Shower range. Using the power of only 100% natural essential oils, plant based ingredients and the steam in your shower, each body wash has been formulated to help boost a specific mood. Weleda has 100 years of experience mastering fragrance using only natural ingredients. They are one of the oldest natural beauty brands on the planet. Whether it's an indulgent soak in the bath or a quick shower, the Aroma Shower range consists of 4 different aroma profiles to elevate and transport your mood.

All Weleda Body Wash products are biodegradable, of 100% natural origin and are formulated to help keep your skin's natural moisture. They give a gentle cleanse using only mild, plant based surfactants. For extra dry skin, we recommend following with Weleda Skin Food, either once a week or when needed.

Weleda Aroma Shower Energy uses a blend of ginger, citronella and cedarwood to give you an energetic lift. Use Energy in the morning when you need to start the day with a fresh boost. Energy is a brand new aroma profile for the Weleda range.

Energy has been independantly lab tested to shower emotional efficacy for being an energising fragrance.

Weleda Aroma Shower Harmony is a forest fresh blend of both silver and Siberian fir and the floral and aromatic lavandin. It's a balance of woody and floral and was available briefly as Feel Good, a limited edition body wash in the Weleda range. It was so popular, it is now a permanent part of the range.

The silver and Siberian fir scent comes from both the needs of the fir trees and also from the young fruit cones. They combine for a warm and fruity note that can be reminiscent of fresh tangerine peel. On a morning where you can't go for a walk through nature, the scent of nature comes to you in this shower gel.

Weleda Aroma Shower Relax is the same Lavender Body wash you know and love. With an aroma base of lavender essential oil, it's joined by bergamot and vetiver to assist with a relaxed emotional state. Relax is a favourite for nighttime showers.

Relax has been independantly lab tested to shower emotional efficacy for being a relaxing fragrance.

Weleda Aroma Shower Love is the same Wild Rose Body Wash you know and love. With a powerful floral aroma base, Love combines rose, jasmine and ylang ylang for the ultimate floral indulgence in the shower. Be reminded of that big bunch of flowers each time you bathe or that stunning garden bed you walk past when you're taking a walk.


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