Introducing Planet Luxe Cleaning Products

Before COVID-19 we had a comprehensive but tight range of natural cleaning products in store. Many categories were only represented by one or sometimes two brands. If there is one thing we have learned in 2020 is that the supply chain for products, their packaging and their raw ingredients can be disrupted at a moment's notice. Because of these changing circumstances, you will now see a wider range of cleaning products in our store (and other categories too) so we can do our best to cover every category without any stock issues.

The first product that saw us bring the Planet Luxe brand in to store was their Toilet Cleaner. Despite being a luxe brand with a higher price point than the rest of our range, at $20 for a litre, it's virtually the same price as most of the other toilet cleaners in our range because the bottle is twice the size. We were not planning on going any further with the brand, because it is a luxe product with a luxe price tag in this category. After using the toilet cleaner, we decided to test drive some more products in the range and were pleasantly surprised at one particular aspect - the range of quality essential oils native to Australia that were being used. Lemon Myrtle is featured heavily along with eucalyptus and Kakadu plum.

If you have a sensitive nose, you will know how difficult it is to find products whose scent doesn't cause a reaction for you. Even natural products at the budget end of price points can use cheaper essential oils that can irritate sensitive noses. It is for this reason why I usually gravitate towards unscented products, but once in a while I will find something scented whose quality does not cause me an issue, and it is for this reason that we chose to expand the range out in Planet Luxe to also include the Laundry Liquid, the Floor Cleaner, the Glass Cleaner, the House Cleaner and the Dish Wash.

If you're on a strict budget with a large family, Planet Luxe probably won't be your first choice, but if you're sensitive, you're in a smaller household and have the funds to cater to your sensitivities with luxe products, look no further.

Who is Planet Luxe?

You may already be using some of their products in your own home already. Planet Luxe has two sister brands that are already in our store, Jack n Jill Kids + The Natural Family Co. Both are brands dedicated to creating natural dental products including one of the first brands we found to make 'plastic' toothbrush handles from biodegradable corn starch, and their blister packaging too. We have been selling Jack n Jill Kids since the brand first came in to being. Supporting their cleaning range was a 'no brainer' for us and a natural progression.

All Planet Luxe products are septic tank and greywater safe. They're free from sulphates and parabens too. They are also a member of 1% for the Planet. alongside several other brands in store, including Klean Kanteen.

Planet Luxe is an Australian owned company. Support local.


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