Introducing the new Woohoo Body Deodorant Sticks

A brief history on Woohoo Body deodorant releases

Woohoo Body are an Australian company who manufacture one of our favourite natural deodorant ranges in Australia. In 2015 they launched with just one product, the 70g jar of the URBAN deodorant paste. It came with a pretty big promise that soon lived up to its expectations, it's one of the few bi-carb natural deodorants that seems to be tolerated well by people who are quite often sensitive. It even came with a 30 day moneyback guarantee.

As time went on, the range slowly expanded. Next was WILD, an extra strength deodorant paste for those with a high impact and sweaty lifestyle. This was followed by MELLOW, their bi-carb free natural deodorant, which is also unscented. It's only the bicarb soda (also called sodium bicarbonate) and people can be sensitive too under their pits, even the inclusion of organic essential oils in a deodorant can irritate the skin. So even if you're not sensitive to bi-carb soda, you may still need MELLOW to be your pits best friend.

A fourth formula entered the range last year, SURF. This one is a unisex aroma that smells like a tropical cocktail - guava, passionfruit, lemon, coconut and lime. SURF also feels different than the rest of the formulas. It's smoother and creamier and a little softer to apply.

This month, Woohoo Body made their deodorant even easier to apply by making a stick.

The Woohoo Body Natural Deodorant Stick is released

Just in time for Plastic Free July, the latest release in the Woohoo range is their deodorant stick. Not content with just making a deodorant stick, it is the multi-tasker every athlete will want in their bag as it doubles as an anti-chafing stick. The sticks are not packed in plastic tubes like most, they're packed in a cylindrical eco and biodegradable cardboard tube so there's zero waste when you're done with it.

Currently available in Surf, Urban and Wild. The Mellow version is still in testing and will be released later this year

The beauty of the stick vs their original natural deodorant paste is the NO MESS application. There's no need to get fingers in pits or to wash hands after application. There's no winding mechanism to get stuck or to break either. It's just the basics and a really effective deodorant inside. On the underside of the tube, push the deodorant stick up around 3mm to 5mm and apply directly under the arms. In winter, or extra cold days, if it's a little difficult to apply, simply press the deodorant to the skin under your pits and allow the natural warmth of your body to heat it and allow it to start to melt a little.

What's powering the 'stink' fighting?

In the Surf, Urban and Wild, there are 4 core ingredients that have a deodorising effect.

  1. Bi-Carb Soda
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Triethyl Citrate (a natural derivative of citric acid that breaks down bacteria)
  4. Zinc Oxide

Most natural deodorants will have the first two ingredients, but not the second two. The formulas are 100% natural, with both Vegan and Cruelty Free certification and they're made locally in Australia. From our warehouse, they're just one hour up the road in Newcastle.


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