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Introducing the new Acure Sensitive Deodorant range

One of the most popular offerings in the original Schmidt's deodorant range was their inclusion of a bi-carb free range for those with sensitive pits. Unfortunately, not too long after the company was bought out by Unilever, the offering in Australia was significantly reduced. They removed all of the bi-carb free options leaving nothing in the way of a scented product that was bi-carb free and in a stick. Some peoples pits are sensitive to the bi-carb, some people are just sensitive to specific essential oils on their skin, others have an issue with both.

This month, we are pleased to announce that the Acure has two new additions for our natural deodorant aisle, and they're both bi-carb free. When you remove bi-carb soda from a deodorant, another active needs to take its place. In these new deodorants, magnesium hydroxide, corn starch and charcoal powder make up the powerhouse ingredients to help prevent odour.

Like every other natural deodorant on the market, their role is not to stop you from sweating, but to stop the growth of bacteria. It is this bacteria, over time, that creates the odour on your body. When you're at the gym or going for a run, it's healthy to sweat, so you're best to stick with a natural deodorant that lets you do that.

There are two options in the new bi-carb range.

  • Acure Charcoal Magnesium Deodorant is unscented
  • Acure Charcoal Geranium Deodorant is the same base formula with the addition of geranium essential oil

For those without sensitive pits, the original selection from the Acure deodroant range is Lavender & Coconut, Lemon Verbena, Cedarwood & Mint and Fragrance Free. We are an Acure Australia official stockist.


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