Introducing the multi-tasking Coco Crayon from Ere Perez

It's great to see natural makeup brands in Australia stepping up and considering the eco footprint of their products and the packaging they use. Both of the leading Australian brands we stock have made steps forward in 2022 with regards to their packaging and product development.

Ere Perez have released a new multi-tasking plastic free product for colouring lips and cheeks. It's a part of a noticable trend we're seeing to limit or discontinue wind up plastic lipstick containers and replacing them with pencils as formulations get smarter and allow the creamy consistency that's need from a lipstick to be obtained in a pencil.

Enter the Coco Crayon from Ere Perez

Don't be fooled by the slender shape, the coco crayons are thicker than a pencil (including the eyeliner pencils from the Ere Perez range) and they glide on smoothly like a traditional natural lipstick would, boosted with coconut, baobab and vitamin E.

The colour in the coco crayon is buildable and contains enough pigment to give a full coverage of colour or it can be used sparingly for sheer coverage on the lips or cheeks. The finish of the coco crayon is a matte look and gives smooth and even coverage.


Hero ingredients never found in pencils give these crayons the feel of the lipstick you know and love with the convenience and eco savvy of a pencil :-

  • COCONUT OIL protects and repairs the delicate skin on the lips
  • BAOBAB SEED OIL is packed with antioxidants, vitamins A B and C, omegas 3 6 and 9 and fatty acids


  • FOR THE LIPS - sharpen pencil, outline the lips and then fill. Build the fill for full coverage
  • FOR THE CHEEKS - less is more. A little dab and blend with the fingertips as required. Further blending can be done with a blush brush


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