Introducing Grin Natural Toothpaste & Biodegradable Toothbrushes

This month we introduce a new natural toothpaste brand in store from New Zealand, Grin. One of the first things that sets this brand apart from others is that it's a palm oil free toothpaste. In New Zealand it is also the only brand of natural toothpaste found in dental clinics across the country.

The eco footprint goes further than making a formula without the use of palm oil. In New Zealand, all tubes can go through a recycling program they have set up. In Australia, you can use the services of Redcycle or the many services popping up in retail outlets where you can leave washed empty containers for recycling in to things like park benches. Their toothbrushes are also biodegradable. For those who don't like the feel of a traditional bamboo toothbrush in their mouth, the options available from Grin will feel smooth like plastic, but they're made from sustainable non-GMO corn starch and the handles are biodegradable. The adult brushes have bristles infused with charcoal, the childrens brushes don't. We are yet to find a decent brush with biodegradable bristles, so the head does need to be snapped off or use a pair of plyers to pluck the bristles out before putting the handle in your compost. The packaging of the toothbrushes is done with cardboard and a clear bio-plastic that can go in your compost as well.

The Toothpaste Range

There are three in the adult range and two in the childrens range.

COOL MINT - uses peppermint and fennel for a gentle mint flavour that's not too overbearing. Once the kids outgrow their flavours, this is the ideal choice. It's boosted with manuka oil, propolis and sea salt to assist with slowing down bacteria growth. Cool Mint is available in a 100g full size tube and also a 20g trial / travel size.

WHITENING - the strongest flavour in the range, it's a much stronger mint than the Cool Mint and uses baking soda for whitening along with the propolis and sea salt found in the Cool Mint too. Whitening is also available in the 100g full size and 20g trial.

STRENGTHENING - new to the range in Summer 2018/9, it has fresh minty flavour using both peppermint and then spearmint to mellow it down a little. The main mineral in our enamel coating on the teeth is hydroxyapatite, and it has been included in this unique formula along with magnolia bark extract. Available in a full size 100g tube only.

KIDS TOOTHPASTE - 2 flavours, orange and strawberry. In 70g tubes, they're mild, boosted with calendula oil, sea salt and aloe vera. They are a kids natural toothpaste sweetened with real fruit flavour and nothing synthetic or artificial. They are also sweetened with xylitol so the kids will actually brush their teeth.

The Toothbrush Range

Brushes for adults and children share the following traits:-

  1. Made from non-GMO Corn Starch
  2. Biodegradable handle
  3. Biodegradable packaging, including the bio-plastic clear section

The differences include:-

  1. Adult brush bristles are infused with activated charcoal. The childrens brushes are not.
  2. The heads are sized accordingly, both are different
  3. Same for the handles.

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