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Introducing Avanti Dry Cell Leakproof Stainless Steel Meal Prep Containers

We get excited when we bring products in to the store that are truly unique to the market. The Dry Cell series of meal prep containers from Avanti are this and so much more. To explain them briefly, they are a fully stainless steel food container / lunch box / freezer container / meal prep / pantry storage. They're leakproof and have a really sturdy clip system and a top quality silicone seal that holds in place but is still easy to remove and clean. These are just some of the reasons why we love these containers. PLUS, they come in nine different sizes ranging from 420ml to 3.3 litres in capacity.

Stackable for meal prep

Dry Cell make the perfect sustainable container to do meal prep that ends up in the freezer. There are 9 containers in total ranging from 420ml to 3.3 litres and there are 4 different lid sizes in total to share amongst those 9 containers, so there are containers that neatly stack on top of each other. Because we know a lot of people will buy a set of 5, 7 or even 10 containers, we knew our customers would want to know what stacks with what. We have put this information directly on the main product images to make choosing the right sized container easy. Here's the summary:-

420ml + 550ml stack together
780ml + 1 litre stack together
1.25L + 1.5L stack together
1.9L + 2.6L + 3.3L stack together

Freezer safe

We get asked a LOT what options are available for freezing that don't have plastic. We usually point people towards the glass containers from Glasslock, and when kept upright, your food isn't touching the plastic lid, but once in a while, you can crack them doing this. The other option we send people to are Stasher Bags which are food grade silicone and not to everyone's liking either. This is the first full stainless steel option we've had for freezing food. Here's our tips on how to do it effectively, and the same tips apply to freezing in glass.

  1. Don't completely fill the container. Food expands when it freezes
  2. If at all possible, don't clip the lid down until the food is frozen
  3. When you remove the containers from the freezer, let them sit for a few minutes before opening. This is more for the plastic lids on the glass containers, but you can do it here too
  4. These are not microwave or oven safe, but you can sit them in hot water to defrost, which is something you can't do with the glass ones because the sudden change in temperature will make them crack.

To label them, try stickers or a whiteboard marker / chalk texta that wipes off.

Leakproof Lunch Box

We have seen more than one brand design a leakproof version of the stainless steel lunch box and not get the design on the seal right. Most of these containers were made in India or China. Avanti have gone to Korea and the seal has no design flaws. The quality, strength and shape of the seal match those like we find in our Glasslock range of glass containers. The clip system on these are similar as well. They are easy to open & close and provide a truly leakproof seal. The silicone seal holds firmly in place, doesn't fall out and can easily be removed and reinserted without the need for any special tools.

The perfect food carrier for your picnic

From the largest size at 3.3 litres in capacity down to the small 420ml for condiments and side dishes, if you're packing a picnic for a few people, having a variety of sizes of the Dry Cell containers will allow you to carry all the food you need without spilling anything or having it leak. Add a 2 litre water bottle from Klean Kanteen and your water / punch / juice is covered as well. If you're carrying cold food and you don't have a giant insulated bag, grab a couple of ice packs and your picnic blanket and use the fabric from the blanket for your insulation. Even if you're driving an hour, you'll be fine by the time you arrive.


Anything that's quality and made from stainless steel is an investment that you make to last several years, and these Dry Cell containers from Avanti fall in to that category. The RRP ranges from $39.95 to $93.95, but don't worry, you won't have to pay full price for them. With an incredibly generous margin, we have them on sale every day. They should always be on sale for a minimum of 20% off and periodically, we will bulk buy in our stock and get an even better price for you, sometimes up to 40% off their original RRP.

In the same way that we encourage our customers to invest in stainless steel pegs because we know they'll only ever have to buy them once, the Avanti Dry Cell containers are the same. Start off with a few key pieces and then add to your collection.

Avanti Dry Cell Containers


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