Inside the box - Shampoo With a Purpose

Innovation in natural & organic eco hair products is really starting to take off, especially in the area of natural solid shampoo bars and the plastic free movement. Today we're introducing you to a new brand, Shampoo With A Purpose, that has a manufacturing process like no other natural shampoo bar manufactured in Australia. This process has it replacing up to SIX bottles of shampoo and conditioner in the one bar.

Who makes Shampoo With A Purpose?

The makers of Shampoo With A Purpose are not new to the soap making scene. But this is no soap, it's so much more. Clover Fields have been making soap since 1983, making them Australia's oldest family-owned soap manufacturer. They make their own products and also contract manufacture for many brands including products ranging from soaps to body scrubs, bubble bath, massage oil, traditional liquid shampoo and conditioner and of course, these shampoo bars.

What makes Shampoo With A Purpose different to other shampoo bars on the market?

Instead of being handmade, Shampoo With A Purpose is machine milled, on the same vintage Italian machinery Clover Fields have been using to make soap for over 35 years. The soap isn't just milled, it's triple-milled and it's done twice. They are blended and condensed like no other on the market which gives them superior lasting power. One 135g bar lasts up to 6 bottles of regular shampoo. And since it's a 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner, that's 12 bottles.

What's in the bar?

While glycerin can be a common ingredient derived from palm oil, we have written confirmation from the manufacturer that the glycerin used in Shampoo With A Purpose is derived from canola, rapeseed or soybean. The five major ingredients that each bar are built around are:-

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate - derived from coconut oil, it's a mild surfactant, milder than sulphates are and works both as a cleaning agent and to assist with the lather.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate - this is NOT the SLS that people avoid in natural products. That's Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. This one is not a sulphate. TI's coconut oil derived and is 100% natural origin. It's a high performing natural and safe foaming agent.

Guar Gum - is a water soluble thickener that also provides conditioning qualities to the shampoo bars.

Palm Oil Free Glycerin - this humectant draws and attracts moisture and also helps to protect the scalp. The thickness also helps it damped down frizzy hair and to help define curls.

Betaine (found in the Dry Damaged and Colour bars only) - is an amino acid for strengthening and healing. Whether your hair is damaged from the blow dryer, outside elements or colouring, this is a nourishing treatment popped right inside your shampoo bar.

Each of the 4 bars have a variety of extra ingredients, including plant oils, superfoods, pure and natural essential oils, fruits & butters, all designed to work in combination with each other to treat specific hair conditions.

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