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The importance of changing your filters at the right time on your Waters Co Ace Jug

With the start of Plastic Free July, the movement to rid the world of single use plastic gets a more widestream audience than usual. Bottled water is an easy target in the war on single use plastic, so are soft drinks. With the widespread use of products like Soda Stream and a water filter jug in most people's homes, it is time to take a look at just how many filter cartridges get used and thrown away, and most of them are made of plastic.

The Ace Jug from Waters Co has been our favourite jug for close to a decade now, not only because it removes 99.99% of fluoride from your drinking water as well as chlorine, bacteria and other heavy metals, it uses far less plastic in the filter cartridges because of how infrequently they need changing. While Brita Jugs need a new plastic cartridge every month, the Ace Jug from Waters Co has one main cartridge that lasts up to 2 years and then 4 smaller ones to go with it that last you six months each. It is important to change them at their correct time and not to leave them past their change date. We will explain why.

In a Brita Jug (for example), you would need 24 cartridges to cover the same filtration time period as what's listed above. If you can't afford a ceramic benchtop system or don't have the room for it, using a jug is your cost effective alternative and the amount of plastic produced is important.

The Pre Filter in the Ace Jug

If you have any 'bits' in your water that can be seen by the naked eye, the Pre-Filter will catch these and stop them from clogging up the next filter down, the Top Filter. It doesn't have any special properties other than catching pieces of grit, dirt and other chunky things that may be in your water. If you're taking it camping and getting water from a stream, it's absolutely vital that you check on this and change when necessary.

The Top Filter in the Ace Jug

You get 4 of these and it's important to change them every 6 months. The Top Filter is the hard working powerhouse of your filter. It is responsible for the removal of your contaminants. If you keep running water through your jug once this one is spent, the Main Filter will pick up some of the slack. Since your Main Filter is supposed to last you for 2 years, you don't want to put it under any unnecessary strain. By leaving your Top Filter longer than 6 months, you are significantly shortening the lifespan of the Main Filter.

The Main Filter in the Ace Jug

This one has a 2 year capacity as long as you are changing your Top Filter every 6 months. The main role of the Main Filter is to add back to the water, including 60 trace minerals like calcium & magnesium. As a back up, if the top filter is not present or has been spent, the main filter will also provide back up filtration of contaminants. You don't want it performing this job all the time. It's purely a back up role for the removal aspect of your filtration.

Since the majority of the cost of this item is the replacement filter sets, it's important that you change them out in the correct time frames. The replacements are sold as a 2 year kit and we want you to get the full 2 years out of them. Pair your water filter jug with something from our water bottle collection to ensure single use bottled water is kept to an absolute minimum.

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