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Hannahpad - why they don't come in black.

"I'm a new convert to reusable liners. I mostly want to use these as every day wear, and so far they seem an excellent option to replace the disposables ones. I like that they are adjustable and I don't notice them once I have them on so comfort is a big A+. Just wish they came in black! So far they seem sturdy and useful with an easy care routine. C"


It is a question we often get asked “Why can't we get black reusable menstrual pads?”

Good question - as most people would assume that black would be easier to wash. But just because you can't SEE the stains on your Hannahpad, doesn't mean that they aren't there. The darker colour of cotton will only serve to hide the stains from you, and this can be unhygenic because then you don't know if they are actually clean or not.
Some slight staining and wear on your Hannahpads is perfectly normal and as long as you wash them well with the right product from our natural cleaning products range. Use the laundry soaker from Abode brand, or some Dr Bronners castile soap or Hannahpad Probiotic Soap and then dry thoroughly to avoid any mould growth then you will get many years of use out of your Hannahpads.

hannahpad cloth pads
Beige is better and safer
The founders of Hannahpad wanted them to be one of the most natural products on the market by simply using 100% certified organic cotton. Their certified organic cotton is chemical-free (no dioxin, no formaldehyde), fragrance-free, unbleached and non-dyed to be as pure as possible.

Cotton that has been treated with chemicals and dyes in the production of the fabric can be toxic and harmful to be exposed to on a regular basis. Given that these Hannahpads are getting up close and personal with one of the most sensitive areas of your body, this is something you want to avoid. Even using natural dyes can be an irritant to some women, so beige and a-la-natural they stay!

"Loving my Hannahpads - a Medium is the equivalent of a regular disposable pad, but cloth is so much more comfortable, and doesn't develop a smell the way disposable ones do. JR"



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