A guide to choosing the right Amazing Oils product

Amazing Oils has a new look. Inside there are some old favourites in their Australian magnesium oil range with a new name + something new to our range and we also say goodbye to a couple of products from the range.

Amazing Oils DAILY range

Keeping the colour scheme of the original magnesium oil, the DAILY range are the pure magnesium chloride products. It's just 100% pure and sourced from the Salt Lakes of Australia. Sprays used be available in 60ml and 250ml. They are now 125ml and 200ml. The 60ml roll-on remains unchanged. The flakes are available in the same 800g bag they were before and also larger sizes are on their way.

Amazing Oils SENSITIVE range

There's just one product in the sensitive range. It's the old Magnesium Pro that had the black label. It's easier to spray with a trigger and is formulated to be less oily on the skin and less likely to make your skin tingle (which happens when you are magnesium deficient. Available now in 2 sizes, the 125ml bottle lasts around 500 sprays (for best results use 10 sprays per day) and the 200ml approx 800 sprays.

Amazing Oils SLEEP range

Sleep harnesses the power of essential oils to assist with slumber. It combines magnesium oil in to a lotion formula that's infused with lavender and chamomile essential oils. Magnesium Sleep Lotion is registered with teh TGA (Aust L 318335) and can be used to assist with mind relaxation, calm and relax the nervous system, induce sleep, relieve sleeplessness, reduce the time it take to fall asleep, relieve disturbed and restless sleep and relieve skin inflammation and irritation. Flakes are also available, infused with the same essential oils as the lotion. This is a new product to the range.

Amazing Oils ACTIVE range

Active is an existing product renamed. Originally called Recovery Spray, Active uses the foundation of magnesium oil and the analgensic properties of wintergreen and menthol to assist in muscle recovery. Active also has a bath soak and are best used post exercise for recovery.

Amazing Oils still has a baby range and a face range on top of these 4 oil categories. We don't stock the baby range, it is easily achieved by diluting the Daily or Sensitive range. Both Fix My Face and Ugly Bits Stick are still available in store.

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