Your guide to the best dedicated natural face sunscreen

I often get asked whether it's worth the trouble of owning a dedicated natural sunscreen for the face. If you own a dedicated moisturiser for your face and body, then the answer to this question is most definitely YES.

Natural sunscreen for the face is more expensive than a body sunscreen, and this can put some people off. Why are they more expensive? Even in basic formulas like the Eco Sunscreen Face, they include a higher concentration of moisturising ingredients or dedicated ingredients not found in your body lotions.

Face sunscreens still have around 20% zinc oxide as their active ingredient, and it is well known that zinc oxide can be drying on the skin, so the inclusion of these hydrating and nurturing ingredients is vital to keeping your skin feeling soft and supple at the end of the day.

Face sunscreens make the perfect makeup primer

The primary role of any natural face primer is to not only hydrate the skin, but to even out skin tone to ensure the perfect starting point for your foundation at the beginning of your makeup routine. If you are spending a reasonable amount of time outdoors or even driving, regardless of whether it's in summer, spring, autumn or winter, wearing natural sunscreen is still an integral step in protecting your skin.

We LOVE multi-tasking products here at Shop Naturally - whether it's products like cult favourite Egyptian Magic or Dr Bronner's Castile Soap, if you can buy one product that does 18 or 30 different things, your whole beauty regime just got a whole lot easier. While the products we're about to show you below aren't that versatile, you can certainly skip a dedicated face primer from your natural makeup kit if you have one of these face sunscreens in there instead.

Eco Sunscreen Face Sunscreen SPF30
Non-comodogenic - won't clog your pores

Simple As That Face & Body Sunscreen
Vegan - suits sensitive skin and noses

Tinted sunscreen for the face

The biggest question / complaint we get about natural face sunscreen is whether it's going to make you look pale. Since zinc oxide is white and it's around 20% of the formula, depending on the brand, how thick you apply and whether you're placing natural makeup over the top of it, you might want something with a bit of a tint to it. From sunscreen companies who place a bit of tint in their formulas through to dedicated cosmetics brands like Mukti Organics who place some zinc oxide in to their premium skin care formulas, there's a tinted sunscreen to suit any shade or budget. You can always add your own powder foundation to a sunscreen for a closer shade match. Most tinted sunscreens have 1 or 2 shades. Our Inika Powder Foundations (for example) come in 12 shades.

Natural Instinct Tinted Face SPF30
Great entry level price - 3hr water resistant

Little Urchin Tinted Sunscreen
For medium skin tones - 3 hrs water resistant

Mukti Tinted Moisturiser SPF15
Superior hydration - certified organic


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