Your guide to Aotearoad Plastic Free Natural Dental Range

Aotearoad are a New Zealand brand who have a range of plastic free personal care products. While their natural deodorant in the cardboard tubes forms the core of their range, it's some of the secondary products in the range that grabbed our attention first. One of these secondary products was the dental tooth tablets and powder mouthwash.

The products in the Aotearoad dental range are formulated by the world's first Dentist Made Holistic Oral Health System, Dr Hisham. He is a practicing dental surgeon and international educator who created his original range to protect the oral health of his daughter and himself. Working with Aotearoad, he has taken this one step further with plastic free and eco friendly packaging to take care of the planet as well. The collaboration started with a dental visit to Dr Hisham from the founders of Aotearoad and became fans of his products from day 1.

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Aotearoad Powder Mouthwash

There's no need to pre mix anything with the powder mouthwash, simply pop a small amount of powder in your mouth and take a sip of water and start swishing, gargle and spit, as you would with any mouthwash. It's unique in our store that it's the only natural mouthwash that's plastic free. All other options are liquid and come in a plastic bottle and are a lot dearer to ship around. It's not enough to just be plastic free, Dr Hisham has created a true prebiotic blend of bio-minerals and plant actives to help prevent bad breath and reduce the risk of dental decay.

Aotearoad Natural Tooth Tablets

We have seen our fair share of tooth tablets on the market, but they have all been packed in glass jars. As much as we prefer glass over plastic, much of it doesn't get re-used or recycled. The cardboard tubes are by far the greener choice for packaging, and are sturdy enough to hold their shape way beyond the use you'll get from the tablets. They can be composted, recycled or repurposed in a craft room or even to plant a seedling in for your garden.

The tablets themselves come in a regular strength fresh mint version and a kids soft mint version for those kids who don't like a full strength mint product, as they can be very cooling in the mouth and unpleasant for younger ones.

Once you get inside the packaging, you'll find a pre-biotic fluoride free and mess free option. The unique alkaline blend includes the remineralising natural mineral nanohydroxyapatite, which not only remineralises the teeth but helps reduce sensitivity. To use, bite between teeth and crush and then start brushing. For the most effective clean, gargle and rinse with the powder mouthwash first to soften plaque and start to break down bacteria.

One big thing that makes them different to other tablets and pastes is that there's no need to rinse at the end. Spit if necessary, but you will benefit from the remineralising if you don't rinse after you clean.


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