Green Essentials Bento Box Update

Two of the most popular bento boxes in our store are the rectangular Sustain A Stacker and Tuck A Stacker from Green Essentials. We have been out of stock for many weeks now. This week they both came back in to stock.

Seen here laid out, they are actually a two tier bento box with a smaller snack pot that can either live inside one of the compartments or used outside of the lunch box and just stored inside your insulated lunch bag, or simply removed and not used at all. The choice is yours.

Which lunch bags do we fit inside?

Today we finished our photo shoot to show you exactly which lunch boxes fit inside which insulated lunch bags, and we literally took hundreds of photos with every example for you to see in a picture. It's going to take us a few weeks to finish editing and uploading the photos, but in the interim, here's what these two lunch boxes fit inside.

SUSTAIN A STACKER AND Tuck A Stacker fit inside:-

BUILT NY - Gourmet Getaway, To-Go, Bistro, Crosstown, Uptown, Downtown, Icetec Bag, Icetec Cube
4myearth - rectangular lunch bag
Keep Leaf - rectangular lunch bag, oval lunch bag
Lunchbots - Duo Layer
Packit - 6.5 litre (only the smaller Tuck A Stacker fits inside the 4.7L bag)
Project Ten - rectangular

New designs and sizes

The round duo bento you see in the top photo on this blog post will be launched in a new mini size before Christmas. The large one fills a totally huge appetite and we're sure the new mini duo round will be popular.

The range will also include a small munch bot with a bowl / plate in the top and it's 99.99% leakproof. We already have samples and have been road testing them and now we're just waiting for the next delivery to arrive.

Green Essentials don't just make stainless steel lunch boxes, they also have reusable shopping bags for your fruit & veg and all their products are in our plastic free category and don't use any plastic in their packaging. They're a truly eco brand.


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