The Glow: Erica Brooke deodorant review - the natural deodorant that actually works


We still have other options available in store. Choose from our collection of natural deodorant paste and creams - our top picks are the Black Chicken Axilla and Woohoo!

It is worth noting that we discovered Erica Brooke when Black Chicken was in its early stages and being made by hand and they were unable to keep up with the demand. That is no longer the case and Axilla Paste is back in store again.

You can listen to me rabbit on about how fantastic a product is until the cows come home, but it has a lot more weight when it comes from someone else, on their own website, and on a major Australian website. We sent a jar of the Erica Brooke Natural Deodorant to the beauty editor at The Glow (a Mamamia website) and Nicky Champ has called it 'THE FIND: The natural deodorant that actually works."

Last year, Nicky road tested a variety of different natural deodorant options including using Lemons (just the fruit), Crystal, Eco Tan Deodorant and Lavanila. It was the Lavanila that was her pick of all these, but this week, the Erica Brooke deodorant got some serious thumbs up from Nicky. Below is an excerpt from the review.


High praise indeed. There's a few other bits in the review too which you can read at The Glow, but this gives you the end results. One stinky hot day, working, cooking, bathing toddlers and admin hell and no stinky pits. Fabulous!!

This post was dated in May 2019


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