How do I get my Onya Produce Bags back in the pouch

We have had a handful of customers asking us how to get all the Onya Produce Bags back in their pouch. While the short answer is "stuff them in one at a time", we decided to create this video to show you that it can be easily done. We tested both a 5 pack and an 8 pack, and I literally unboxed them for the first time on the video. As time goes on, the pouches to give just a little to make the job even easier.

Haven't seen them before?

Onya Produce Bags are a set of reusable shopping bags to take to the fruit shop or the supermarket. They contain 8 mesh pouches weighing just 10g each. You use them instead of the plastic bags provided near the fresh produce. They will take around 1-2kg of most average fruit & veg. The mesh bags and the pouches are made from recycled PET water bottles, so this product fills the reduce, reuse recycle motto very well. 'REDUCE' the plastic bags you use when you shop, 'REUSE' me over and over again and they are made from 'RECYCLED' product.

Onya Produce Bags are available in a set of 5 or a set of 8 and are available in 4 colours, red, green, blue & purple. At the moment, the supplier is struggling to keep up with the production demand as they are a hot item. We will run out from time to time, so when you see them in stock, grab them while you can.

When you get home, you can keep your vegies in the bags in the fridge if you prefer, but they don't have any qualities to keep your fresh produce fresher for any longer. To do that, we have three products you can use - Fresh Paper, beeswax wraps and The Swag.

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