Fridge To Go now in 4 new designs

One philosophy we have when sourcing products for our store is to fit as many as possible in to our 'Buy Quality Buy Once' philosophy. This generally means a higher price tag up front, but it also means you're not repeatedly replacing them every 6 to 12 months or even every 2 years. One of the most popular new products in this arena in 2018 have been our stainless steel pegs. They are literally something you only have to buy once and you can pass them down to your grandkids. A good quality lunch box made from stainless steel falls under this category too, as long as they're being used by someone who doesn't drop and ding it. We know customers who bought them from us 8 or 9 years ago and their kids are still using the same bento box they got when they first started school.

While these insulated lunch bags from Fridge To Go may not last a literal lifetime, we have customers who are getting 4 years out of them, and possibly more. This season we have 4 new patterns in the Medium size to go along with the single colours already available - Red, Pink, Navy, Black and Pacific Blue.

What Fits Inside the Fridge To Go Lunch Bags? Last year and the year before now, we did a comprehensive photo shoot in our studio and packed this insulated lunch bag and every other insulated lunch bag in store to see just how much we could fit inside. Click on the image above and you'll find several photos and lists of products that fit inside.

In one pack we fit a Medium sized square lunch box, A Lunchbots Dips, an apple, some cutlery and a Camelbak kids water bottle and the ice pack.

Another one takes the larger Lunchbots Bento, a sandwich pocket, cutlery and 2 snack bars + the ice pack.

The thing that sets them apart is the superior insulation time (up to 8 hours), the internal Ice Pack pocket so the ice pack doesn't sweat all over the food as it's defrosting and the sheer quality of the fabric and the construction. As long as your child isn't dragging it on the ground every day, you will get more than one school year out of this lunch bag.

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