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What fits in my Lunchbots insulated lunch bag part 1

For the next installment in the 'what fits in my insulated lunch bag' series, we're taking a look at the Lunchbots insulated lunch bags. There are two bags in the range, both are grey felt. on the outside One has blue trim (pictured), the other has pink trim.

Before you decide to grab one of these insulated lunch bags for yourself, it's important to know there are now TWO different sizes in the Lunchbots stainless steel lunch box range. The Lunchbots Classic and the Lunchbots Bento. These lunch bags are designed for the Lunchbots Classic range only. We do have larger lunch bags if you want one for the Lunchbots Bento.

We decided to photograph two different combinations for this lunch bag, so here's the first one, which ideally suits someone carrying lunch and a drink and snacks to work or school. Here's what we managed to fit inside.

    [item icon="fa-check" ]1 x Lunchbots Classic Stainless Steel Lunch Box[item icon="fa-check" ]1 x Kids Konserve Ice Pack[item icon="fa-check" ]1 x 355ml Klean Kanteen Water Bottle[item icon="fa-check" ]3 x snack bars[item icon="fa-check" ]1 x packet of Gimme seaweed snacks[item icon="fa-check" ]3 x To-Go Ware bamboo cutlery set

As you can see, it's enough for lunch, morning & afternoon snacks, a drink, cutlery & and ice pack to keep it cool. The bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and has the following measurements:-
12cm wide x 15cm high x 15cm deep

The specs of the Lunchbots Classic lunch boxes are 15.25cm x 12.7cm x 4.55cm and are available in different combos with or without dividers. They are 600ml in capacity. If you have a lunch box of a similar size, you will be able to use that instead.

The specs of the Klean Kanteen water bottle are 18.5cm high, 7cm diameter. It is a 355ml vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle that can double as an insulated food flask. There is absolutely NO plastic touching your food or drink with this bottle as the interior of the lid is also stainless steel. All Klean Kanteen products come with a lifetime warranty and the interiors are polished to eliminate that 'metal' taste that you can get from cheaper bottles. While we put the Klean Kanteen flask in this pack, just check the dimensions of any water bottle you have at home already against this one.



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