What fits inside the Fridge-To-Go Medium Lunch Bag?

This is our first Back To School with the popular Fridge To Go insulated lunch bags in our store. They have a higher level of insulation than the rest of the cooler bags in our store which is especially helpful in warmer climates. They are a high quality construction and won't fall apart before the end of term 1 like budget bags under $10 will. In the long run, investing in a Fridge To Go will cost you less money and avoid potential food contamination risks that cheap bags with poor quality insulation have.

Each Fridge To Go comes with a perfectly sized ice pack that's enclosed in a zipper pocket inside so the ice pack doesn't sweat and make your food wet. This, along with the superior padding, keeps your food cool for up to 8 hours.


This blog post is featuring the Fridge To Go MEDIUM sized lunch bag. It's suited for the average size lunch. Don't worry if it's not quite big enough, we do have one larger than this (which is big enough to hold 12 cans of drink). If this one is a little too big, there's a smaller one too. The medium sized Fridge To Go comes in 7 colours:- black, camo (green), navy, pacific blue, pink, camo (purple) and red. We have photographed this with two different combinations including two different sized lunch boxes from Lunchbots (both the Classic, which is the lunch box with the green lid and the larger Bento with the silver lid).

The inner dimensions of this bag is 20cm x 23cm x 6cm tall.




If you are comparing this with the SMALL size, this second combination has the same size lunch box as the small bag had in the demo. The small version is just tall enough to take the the lunch box and slide a small snack bar down the side. This MEDIUM size has enough room to fit an apple and a snack pot. You can see the blog post about what fits in the SMALL version here.

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