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What fits inside the Fridge-To-Go 12 can Lunch Bag?

While traditionally, in the Fridge To Go range of cooler bags, the Small and the Medium are lunch bags and the 12 can and 24 can are for picnics & bbq's etc, we think that the 12 can cooler bag is the perfect size for someone who needs to carry lunch boxes, a water bottle, snacks and more for an entire day. They are perfectly sized to fit 12 cans of soft drink or beer, and while we don't attract the soft drink and beer crowd here, this large cooler bag is still the perfect lunch bag for a hungry teen, a picnic for 2 or a construction worker.

We put together two different scenarios for the Fridge To Go 12 can cooler bag


Our first packaging of the Fridge To Go 12 Can Cooler Bag contains 3 x of the Lunchbots Classic sized bento lunch box selections. It also has a round 237ml food canister from Klean Kanteen, a 710ml Thermos water bottle with its own insulation (but you can easily sub any water bottle of a similar size), an apple, a pack of seaweed snacks, 3 snack bars, a set of bamboo cutlery and the ice packs that come with the cooler bag. The large picutre above shows everything out of the bag, the inset photograph shows everything inside and the water bottle is virtually hidden from view.


The second packaging contains mostly the same items but we have switched out the three smaller Lunchbots lunch boxes with one large BPA Free Plastic bento box and the Thermos bottle has been switched out with a bottle of Kombucha Max which are 500ml in volume.

As you can see, they are a very roomy lunch bag. The 12 can size comes with more ice packs than the small and the medium. While they have an ice pack on the bottom, the 12 can cooler bag has ice packs on the bottom and also the 2 longer sides of the lunch bag.



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