FAQ: Are all your travel mugs stainless steel?

I was asked this question this evening, and it's a frequent question, so we thought we'd write a quick blog post about it.

Q. Are all your travel mugs stainless steel on the inside as well as the outside?

A. Yes they are.

That was simple!!

We'll elaborate a little more for you though. We have 4 different brands of travel mugs. Three of them are vacuum insulated stainless steel, the last one is a glass travel mug that's quite unique that we'll discuss in another post. Here are the three brands that are stainless steel.

Thermos Travel Mugs

Stainless King Stainless King
Stainless King Stainless King

Thermos make 2 different style travel mugs with a stainless steel exterior and interior that we have in our store, the Thermos SIPP and the Thermos Stainless King (available in two colours). Each one has a leakproof lid for transport and a handle. They're both 500ml in capacity and the SIPP keeps your drink hot for up to 5 hours, the Stainless King for up to 3 hours. Both feature a BPA Free lid that's easy to drink from. Thermos make plenty of cheap, budget travel mugs that you can buy in stores. We don't sell any of them.

Camelbak Travel Mugs

Forge Forge
Forge Forge
Forge Forge

New to our store this week from Camelbak is their insulated stainless steel travel mug, the Forge. 350ml in capacity with no handle, this one has an easy one handed opening operation. You can lock the lid open or you can open as you drink by pushing the button on the rear. As soon as you let go, the travel mug closes, so if you're drinking in the car, no spilling hot coffee on yourself. It is new to the 2015 Camelbak range, and as a Camelbak Australia official stockist, when purchasing from us, you're covered by the Got Your Bak lifetime warranty on this brand.

Klean Kanteen Travel Mugs

12oz / 355ml 12oz / 355ml
16oz / 473ml 16oz / 473ml
klean-kanteen-travel-pack-20oz-black-eclipse-thumb 20oz / 592ml

Exclusive to Shop Naturally, we have created the Klean Kanteen Travel Mug pack. We have paired together two Klean Kanteen products with a permanent discount, the insulated stainless steel water bottle with screw lid and the cafe cap. This bundle gives you leakproof transport and a cafe sip cap for drinking from. This versatile product has a home not only in the travel mugs category of our store but also the stainless steel water bottles and the lunch boxes section as an insulated food jar. The inner lid on this bottle is stainless steel, so when being used as a drink bottle or a food flask, it will not leach any flavour from any food or drink in to the bottle and it's a true multi-tasker. As an official Klean Kanteen Australia stockist and one of their preferred online partners, you are covered by the Klean Kanteen lifetime warranty for these products.


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